Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Post is Brought to you by the letter "W"

Hello Lovely Ladies
I’m so sorry I have taken yet another blog hiatus. I have had a manic May!! The last 3 weekends were filled with directing a wedding, being in a wedding, and directing a wedding reception. But alas the wedding trilogy is over for a while.
I LOVE weddings, if you know anything about me you know that! But I tell ya.. I’m afraid I’ll get burned out before it’s my turn! So I’m kinda taking a step back from being involved in other people’s for awhile. With graduate school starting in August, I doubt that I will have much time after that to participate/work with weddings. Hate it because it’s great extra money, but I can’t juggle a full time job, school, babysitting, church, an amazing relationship, family time AND weddings… something has to go.
Anyways, I really have enjoyed my wedding weekends, especially with “W.” It’s been great to FINALLY have a DATE to functions after 4 years of NOT! And bonus that he actually LIKES dressing up in a suit and putting me on his arm! ;) Bless it. Last weekend, we made our relationship “Facebook Official” b/c goodness knows it’s not so until the internet says it is! ;)  I love our dating relationship. We spend most evenings together, most of the time being “boring” as we say. That generally consists of some type of dining (sometimes with the parental units), talking, watching TV and just laughing our heads off! This man can make me laugh when nobody else can, & he makes me laugh at myself. There is never a dull moment!
This past weekend I finally got to meet his mom, on Mother’s Day no less. We went to The Palmetto Club, which is a social club here in Columbia (kinda like a country club minus the pool and golf course). We had brunch, omelets, shrimp and grits and mimosas. How much more southern can you get than that? We had a great time, and his mom is just too sweet. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her and eventually, once my life slows down, I’ll get to meet his dad! We are with my parents a good bit, so it’s weird not to get to spend as much time with his, but I have a feeling there will be time! J
Ok, I guess I’ve talked enough about “W.” So hard not too! It’s the most exciting thing I’ve had going on in a while & I’m the happiest I’ve been. Ever.  It’s a great feeling! Here are a couple of pics from a wedding a mother’s day!

Other than weddings and “W,” not much is new. My mom did get me some Smashbox photo finish primer. That junk is the shiz. I highly recommend it, although I think I’m the last one to jump on the Smashbox train. Ulta (the Home Depot for women) has it.

Source: smashbox.com via Morgan on Pinterest

I would try to update on the fashion realms of my life, however, I have bought NO new clothes b/c the ones I had from last summer don’t fit b/c I have gained back all the weight I lost. I’m not happy with this, but “W” and I have had some heart to hearts about it & I know I need to make a change in my diet and exercise routine. He loves me just as I am, but he wants me to be healthy and since I am pre-diabetic, he wants me to make this change soon. He is also a pre-diabetic but controls it with diet and exercise. God must have known I needed help in this area. ;) SO, after Memorial Day (because who wants to be on a diet on a holiday weekend!) I will be in the gym after work for atleast 45min and there will be a major food overhaul.  I WILL be a size 4/6 by the time I start grad school!! Thankfully I have him to encourage me, push me, be there for me when I want a cupcake and praise me for my successes.
Alright ladies, have a great week. I’m in and out of the blog world. No worries, I am alive and well and living a happy life for the first time in a while. Life. Is. Good.