Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Friday- Work Attire

I don't know about y'all, but I seriously need to vamp up my office attire! I've only been in the "corporate world" for 9 mos, and 2 seasons (winter and hot!) Luckily, I bought a few "staple" pieces right after I accepted my position as celebration for not being unemployed any longer, but I really don't have cute work attire, that's trendy. I got on a kick of shopping consignment stores and finding GREAT bargains on designer clothes, such as Lilly, and that carried me through the summer. I have some cute dresses for work, but not many fall dresses and I need some things that are trendy, traditional, timeless, and too cute! I found a few things on Pinterest while browsing the website for hours because it's literally my new hobby! Here are my finds!

LOVE this grey dress as a closet staple. SO many bright colors can be paired with it! MUST FIND GREY DRESS!! Also, nice to see deep purple is going to be a trend again.

Source: None via Morgan on Pinterest

Would have NEVER put these colors together, but how brilliant! Definitely a classic look for the office, modest, yet intriguing!

Love a sweater vest and pearls... masculine meets sweetly southern feminine.

Here are some transition outfits for those late August/early September days!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Not sure if your office has the same problem as mine, but some days it's hot and other days you could hang meat! So I like outfits that incorporate a sweater, plus I'm a fan of layering! :)

I think this may be my new favorite fall look for work. LOVE the mustard/school bus yellow w/ grey skirt. I like the "old school/man" look of the sweater, and the white blouse underneath makes it PoP! <3 MUST FIND YELLOW SWEATER!

Again, LOVE the shade of yellow and this is a perfect, slenderizing dress that is modest enough to wear in the office, yet could be spiced up to wear out, like say to Happy Hour! ;)

Ok... do you see the trend! YELLOW!! But this time with a splash of teal! My other new favorite color! PLUS the GREY DRESS! Be still my heart! I want this entire ensemble!

Now, we all know and are saddened by the fact that Lilly P has to tone down her brightness for fall/winter, but she's got some great prints for 2011.... they made their debut yesterday & my sweet little email that came right before lunchtime (and right before a pay day, Friday) gave me the sneak peek! :) These pieces stood out and I'm leaning towards owning the skirt because it's just TOO ME!

This is even Orange and Navy.. perfect for wearing on a gameday Friday!

Perfect skirt for me! :)

Well... my life isn't all work, I play too! So here are a few casual weekend outfits that have caught my eye for the fall! Which in case you haven't noticed is not only my favorite season, but favorite FASHION season!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest


Clearly, Fashion Friday the past 2 weeks has been about fall fashion, but I'm WAY over this dramatic heat and humidity and ready for mother nature to quit having hot flashes! Seriously. Hope everyone has a great weekend and can suffer the heat a little bit more with some fun on some water, or a cold drink in hand, or just a hot date on a summer night! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday

First edition of Pink & Green Thursday! So.. I'm in LOVE with Pinterest! Can't get enough of the stuff! It's ridiculous my creative juices are flowing and the fashion ideas are coming out the wazoo! Enjoy! & Happy Friday Eve! :D

This would be cute to paint every nail pink except the ring finger and paint it green or visa versa!

Super easy table centerpiece that could be done in any color combo or for holidays!

This just looks super refreshing on these dog days of summer!
I have this poster & it's very special to me. I got it on my first trip to Nashville & she'd just been inducted 2 months prior to my visit. Also, the date is the same day I graduated from college. This poster is in my guest bedroom where everything is pink, green and yellow! :)

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

And of course what would Pink & Green Thursday be without a touch of Lilly P? I mean after all I'm pretty sure she made the color combo famous! :)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've discovered Pinterest, procrastination has been taken to the next level!

Well... I've been seeing other posts about Pinterest, but had not given into the wild temptation to discover it! Out of boredom & avoidance of being super Lame and pursuing my old eharmony account or my christian mingle account I hopped on over to Pinterest! HOLY MOLY!!! There's so much to look at!!! There are so many crafty ideas there and cute decor for the fall, and fashion and cute engagement pictures (that only make me want a boyfriend even more, which is ridiculous!) and cute event decor and and and.. oh my word I just don't know what to do with it all! So the thing that caught my attention tonight (well one of many, who am I kidding) was NAILS! I have been getting manicures lately and I'm into them now, even though they don't last for me more than a week.. but these were just too cute not to share!

This is about the Color I normally wear except I use OPI Sweet Heart. LOVE IT! But after looking at all these ideas.. i may get creative! :)

Hot Button Issue: Cyber-Savvy

Time for another Hot Button Issue post! A couple weekends ago I watched Cyberbu//y on ABC Family. I actually just started watching it at 10pm thinking I would fall asleep, but it was really good and kept my attention so I stayed up unitl it was over at midnight! I won't share all of the details of the movie, because you should try to catch it on tv sometime and watch it for yourself. But the gist of the movie is about a high school girl who gets in to deep with online social networking.

Can I just say how THANKFUL I truly am for NOT having Facebook during high school! I love Facebook, but I had enough high school drama goin on without Facebook to fuel the fire! The movie really brings to light how much words can really hurt. I think parts of the movie were based on actually occurances of cyberbulling, and some of the headlining stories we've all heard. At one point it was very hard to watch, I mean here is an innocent girl that got tangled up in a bad scene and there was nothing she could do to fix her problem.

That being said, here is your friendly public service announcement: be careful what you put online, what you say online, what pictures you post online, who you talk to online, etc. because it NEVER goes away! I know most of us are out of school and out of college, but it's still important to monitor what you place on your Facebook or blog or whatever because potential employers, friends, or who ever and their brother could see something they don't like and from that point on associate you with it and it could come back to bite you! Sorry for that awful run-on sentence, but it had to be said like that! :)

Being Cyber-Savvy is important in today's culture. Let's face it, we can no longer go a day without being connected to the internet in some way, shape or form! So just remember to be aware of what you share! Yep, that was corny, but I think you get the point and you should definitely watch the movie!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday & Men

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

First edition of Miscellaneous Monday... this one featuring Men of country music! :) Thought I'd post some pics of the men who currently have me drooling at their looks and loving their lyrics!

Luke Bryan
Can't get "Country Girl (Shake it for me)" out of my head & who can resist that smile? Oh wait.. he's married! :/

Jason Aldean
"memory lane up in the headlights, got me reminiscing on some good times..." (also married.. :/)

Chris Young
"Like the magic in your favorite song, You just can't put your finger on, she's got this thing about her." (He's SINGLE!! Anybody have any connections??) When I was in Nashville I was like 5ft from him... should have spoken up!

Keith Urban
"It's gonna be a long hot summer, we should be together..." (Happily married to Nicole Kidman.. but mmm so yummy to look at!)

Blake Shelton
"Red River Blue,God pull me through, I'd walk through fire if that bridge hadn't burned in two..." (Dang it Miranda!)

Jake Owen
"barefoot, blue jean night..." (SINGLE!!! Again.. anyone have connections??)

Scotty McCrerry
"I love you This Big..." (Single, but 17... I don't think that'll work!)

You're welcome for the eye candy! :) Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday

Here is the first edition of Fashion Friday! I thought I'd share a few things in fashion that have caught my eye as of late. 

Have to admit I've been bitten by the "I'm so sick of this hot humid SC summer, I'd like fall now please bug!" I don't know if it's because football media day was this week or what, but I'm seriously craving fall air, football Saturdays and FALL FASHION! There are several "fall items" I've placed on my never ending "need/want/gotta have" list!
The first is a pair of brown boots, I'd prefer something with little to no heel since I'll probably be wearing them to work nearly  everyday! The Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Catelog came in the mail last week and these little beauties caught my eye!
Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing the Tory Burtch version.. but I am going to attempt to find a knock off at TJMaxx the official store of "the look for less!"

Again, I'm itching for fall, and to me fall = football. Now that I work in an office, and an office no less that has like 2 Clemson fans... I need to insert some orange & purple into my work wardrobe so that I have some spirit on Friday's this fall & can tick off the Carolina fans with my bright orange! Love it! Anyways. My new fav. designer that I've discovered is Judith March. I already own 2 dresses, one of which was in my birthday post. Anyways, she makes some ADORABLE gameday dresses. I probably will not buy these because I don't go but to one Clemson game for the season (if I'm lucky) and they aren't work appropriate, but they were just too cute not to share!!

I will probably just stick with TJMaxx, Ross, Kohls or Loft to find some cute work attire that is in orange and purple, but I WILL wear Clemson colors on Friday! I won't let this Cocky town get to me! :)

I looked at the Coach website because well I need another Coach bag like I need a hole in my head, but eh, you never know could be the bag of your life just sitting their waiting on you to purchase it! I'm going to Myrtle Beach 2 times in August, and then another time Labor Day weekend. I'm sure I'll make my annual trip into the Coach Outlet while I'm there one (or all of those times) & find a new fall bag! In the mean time I can dream b/c the $780something bag won't EVER be coming home with me! But this color is amazing for fall!

And the finishing touch.... Jewlery! I seriously have a shoe and jewlery obsession.. I have so much "costume" jewlery it's ridiculous and I'm running out of room for it all! Whoopsie! I like Forever 21 Jewlery it's simple, cute and SUPER cheap.. or in this economy priced right. Target even has great, cheap jewlery! Every now and then I'll splurge and buy a nice piece, but I always try to find classic pieces that will be timeless and go with most any outfit. I got a monogram necklace at Christmas and I adore it! I wear it most everyday, it's sterling silver and it's my monogram how could I NOT love it! I got it at Handpicked, which mom and I refer to as "our jewler." Well I was looking at their website and found this cute little bow necklace that would be a great edition to the monogram necklace for a layered look. I LOVE to layer jewlery, the more the merrier. A bow AND a monogram, could we get any more southern? I think not.

I also want some Peacock Earrings for the fall!

 Well.. I think that about covers this edition of "I wish it was closer to fall edition of Fashion Friday!" Ha :) In the mean time I'll just wear my Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers and sundresses while drinking something cold in the AC! Have a great weekend everyone! Stay cool... literally! ;)

PS. I LOVE THIS! & I will definately be figuring out a wall in my bedroom to do it in! Finally an idea for all  my designer bags I've held onto!