Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Button Issue: Cyber-Savvy

Time for another Hot Button Issue post! A couple weekends ago I watched Cyberbu//y on ABC Family. I actually just started watching it at 10pm thinking I would fall asleep, but it was really good and kept my attention so I stayed up unitl it was over at midnight! I won't share all of the details of the movie, because you should try to catch it on tv sometime and watch it for yourself. But the gist of the movie is about a high school girl who gets in to deep with online social networking.

Can I just say how THANKFUL I truly am for NOT having Facebook during high school! I love Facebook, but I had enough high school drama goin on without Facebook to fuel the fire! The movie really brings to light how much words can really hurt. I think parts of the movie were based on actually occurances of cyberbulling, and some of the headlining stories we've all heard. At one point it was very hard to watch, I mean here is an innocent girl that got tangled up in a bad scene and there was nothing she could do to fix her problem.

That being said, here is your friendly public service announcement: be careful what you put online, what you say online, what pictures you post online, who you talk to online, etc. because it NEVER goes away! I know most of us are out of school and out of college, but it's still important to monitor what you place on your Facebook or blog or whatever because potential employers, friends, or who ever and their brother could see something they don't like and from that point on associate you with it and it could come back to bite you! Sorry for that awful run-on sentence, but it had to be said like that! :)

Being Cyber-Savvy is important in today's culture. Let's face it, we can no longer go a day without being connected to the internet in some way, shape or form! So just remember to be aware of what you share! Yep, that was corny, but I think you get the point and you should definitely watch the movie!

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