Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Friday- Work Attire

I don't know about y'all, but I seriously need to vamp up my office attire! I've only been in the "corporate world" for 9 mos, and 2 seasons (winter and hot!) Luckily, I bought a few "staple" pieces right after I accepted my position as celebration for not being unemployed any longer, but I really don't have cute work attire, that's trendy. I got on a kick of shopping consignment stores and finding GREAT bargains on designer clothes, such as Lilly, and that carried me through the summer. I have some cute dresses for work, but not many fall dresses and I need some things that are trendy, traditional, timeless, and too cute! I found a few things on Pinterest while browsing the website for hours because it's literally my new hobby! Here are my finds!

LOVE this grey dress as a closet staple. SO many bright colors can be paired with it! MUST FIND GREY DRESS!! Also, nice to see deep purple is going to be a trend again.

Source: None via Morgan on Pinterest

Would have NEVER put these colors together, but how brilliant! Definitely a classic look for the office, modest, yet intriguing!

Love a sweater vest and pearls... masculine meets sweetly southern feminine.

Here are some transition outfits for those late August/early September days!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Not sure if your office has the same problem as mine, but some days it's hot and other days you could hang meat! So I like outfits that incorporate a sweater, plus I'm a fan of layering! :)

I think this may be my new favorite fall look for work. LOVE the mustard/school bus yellow w/ grey skirt. I like the "old school/man" look of the sweater, and the white blouse underneath makes it PoP! <3 MUST FIND YELLOW SWEATER!

Again, LOVE the shade of yellow and this is a perfect, slenderizing dress that is modest enough to wear in the office, yet could be spiced up to wear out, like say to Happy Hour! ;)

Ok... do you see the trend! YELLOW!! But this time with a splash of teal! My other new favorite color! PLUS the GREY DRESS! Be still my heart! I want this entire ensemble!

Now, we all know and are saddened by the fact that Lilly P has to tone down her brightness for fall/winter, but she's got some great prints for 2011.... they made their debut yesterday & my sweet little email that came right before lunchtime (and right before a pay day, Friday) gave me the sneak peek! :) These pieces stood out and I'm leaning towards owning the skirt because it's just TOO ME!

This is even Orange and Navy.. perfect for wearing on a gameday Friday!

Perfect skirt for me! :)

Well... my life isn't all work, I play too! So here are a few casual weekend outfits that have caught my eye for the fall! Which in case you haven't noticed is not only my favorite season, but favorite FASHION season!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest


Clearly, Fashion Friday the past 2 weeks has been about fall fashion, but I'm WAY over this dramatic heat and humidity and ready for mother nature to quit having hot flashes! Seriously. Hope everyone has a great weekend and can suffer the heat a little bit more with some fun on some water, or a cold drink in hand, or just a hot date on a summer night! :)


  1. Check out H&M's website for some cute, affordable work clothes. I was on their site the other day and saw a bunch of cute stuff.

  2. Great ideas, love all the yellow. I'm just starting off my professional wardrobe too. As for gray dresses, have you seen this one at BR?:

    I know it's pricey but they so frequently have deep sales (30% for the next couple days) it might be a good foundation piece. I imagine there will be one with cap sleeves like you pictured as we get closer to fall.

    Now following, hope to see you do the same,


  3. Great post! Loved all the outfits! Especially those black heels and the yellow dress. Happy Friday!

  4. Everything is SO cute! I am loving the first outfit so, so much! My work is casual attire so I wear jeans everyday. Sometimes I wish we had to dress up so I'd make more of an attempt to look cute...

  5. I ADORE those two gray dresses, both with capped sleeves. I need a dress like that... so chic!
    I'm loving your blog, I found it through the blog hop (that I'm not a part of haha). New follower!

  6. i love the yellow cardigan! I've been looking for one just like that but to no avail :-(
    You have a really cool blog here so I added you thru Google Friend Connect..maybe we can follow each other? I just started my blog 4 months ago about travel and design and I would appreciate the support so, so much!.. I want to make it a place where people can come for inspiration and escape. Please come visit soon! Hopefully you like it enough to follow along also :-)
    Thank you and have a beautiful day!

    Hugs from NYC