Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hi. I'm Morgan and I'm addicted to TV. Seriously, if there was a TV version of AA I'd be in it! I've always loved TV, even as a small child. Being an only child could be to blame, but I seriously doubt it. I wasn't the kid who sat inside and stared at the television but I also wasn't the kid who had restrictions on how much I could watch. I don't read, I think at one point I liked to, but now I'd rather just watch the show or movie about it instead. Much quicker, doesn't bore me, and doesn't make me want to fall asleep. Yep, definately was one of those people who struggled with reading assignments in school.

Anywhoodles.. I thought I'd share some of my favorite TV shows. You know, the ones you make sure the DVR catches, or that you HAVE to watch because everybody will be posting something on Facebook about it so if you don't watch it then you'll be out of the loop! Yea... like I said. AA for TV-aholics would be beneficial. I will have to say that with the DVR I'm not as structured around the TV schedule as I use to be! Please.. share your own TV addictions! :)

I guess we'll break this down by Networks:
It would be safe to say that my tv is mostly on this channel. I like the location station affiliate (the others are just crumby) and I LOVE the Today Show. I am one of the rare people under 30 that enjoys watching the news. I check the local news website several times a day & I like to watch NBC nightly news. I watch the Today Show while I get ready in the mornings, and sometimes I watch news magazine shows like Dateline. As far as actual TV on NBC I watch Parenthood. It's a cute show about a family and all its crazy members. It has humor in it, but it always leaves me with a tear rolling down my cheek! Great life lessons are taught and most everybody can relate to atleast ONE character in it. I highly recommend it! Sept. 13 is the premiere of Season 3!

I get all my Drama from this network! I watch Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives. I wasn't into any of them until Private Practice debut my senior year of college. Two of my friends in college were Bio majors, so they were already deeply involved in Greys and therefore I got sucked in! :) Life is better because of it! The quotes from Greys are great & the love triangles in Private P have me hooked. I started watching Housewives after college, I like suspense and that show has plenty of it.. it's whitty humor keeps me interested too!

ABC Family
A little ashamed to admit I watch shows on this channel. But I do. I wasn't into shows on this channel until I was a nanny and the little girls' older sisters who were in high school and middle school watched these shows. I really like Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It or Break It, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched at Birth. Seriously, I know they are all centered around high school life, but they are pretty good! I'd have to say out of those Pretty Little Liars is my favorite! It has suspense, dry humor, fashion, and the main characters are 4 girls who are best friends. The mystery and suspense of learning who the killer is still has me hooked, it's currently in the middle of the 2nd season and we STILL don't know who killed their other friend. Just when you think you know who it is and what happend, something changes your mind!

"Reality" TV
The worst part of the addiction. Yes, I'm a reality show junkie. I think my generation is just the "reality show" generation. I guess I'll just list these.. I'll admit here lately, that I've gone from reality to trashy reality!
  • American Idol- never missed a season! This past season, besides the first and whatever year Carrie Underwood won, was the best!
  • America's Got Talent- it's a cute little show (for entertainment purposes) to watch off and on during the summer.
  • So You Think You Can Dance- I was more into this, but now I just jump in during the last few weeks of it to see the winner.
  • Dancing with the Stars- if the "star" quality is good enough I'll watch. Also, Derek Hough is hard not to watch... shake that booty!
  • Bachlor/Bachlorette- again if the selection of the main character is good, I'll watch. However, being single myself, I know how "scripted" these entire process seems. I just don't believe you find true love through TV dating.
  • 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom- hello trashy tv! Kinda ashamed to admit I watch these shows too! My excuse is that I love human interest stories. I like to see the predicaments these girls get themselves into and how they live with them/get out of them! A lot of times it makes me sad but in the end it's nice to see some of them make something of themselves despite their situaiton.
  • Real World/Jersey Shore- uh. huh. late night tv = MTV. It puts me to sleep, what can I say. These shows are dumb, but if they are on, I'll watch.
  • The World According to Paris- well... this is the lastest downhill slide... I started watching this when I was in Nashville on Hulu to fall asleep to. Then when I got home I watched it on Oxygen on Demand, and then last week I found myself staying up late to watch the new episode and the season finale comes on tonight and I'll be watching it! People don't give Paris enough credit. She's actually pretty good at being a business woman and juggling the press, her friends, stalkers, her business, traveling, etc. Again, the fashion is ultimately what probably sucks me in, but she's just funny. Secretly I hope there is another season! :)
Well... my secret is out.. I'm a TV-aholic. I don't really feel sorry for being one. It's an escape from the real world, or a way to let your mind go to mush after being engrossed in desk work all day long. When I'm not watching TV I'm listening to country music.. and then there is always a way to combine both.. CMT & GAC! That would be called getting the best of both worlds! :)

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned when Parenthood starts back. I love that show, too!