Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've discovered Pinterest, procrastination has been taken to the next level!

Well... I've been seeing other posts about Pinterest, but had not given into the wild temptation to discover it! Out of boredom & avoidance of being super Lame and pursuing my old eharmony account or my christian mingle account I hopped on over to Pinterest! HOLY MOLY!!! There's so much to look at!!! There are so many crafty ideas there and cute decor for the fall, and fashion and cute engagement pictures (that only make me want a boyfriend even more, which is ridiculous!) and cute event decor and and and.. oh my word I just don't know what to do with it all! So the thing that caught my attention tonight (well one of many, who am I kidding) was NAILS! I have been getting manicures lately and I'm into them now, even though they don't last for me more than a week.. but these were just too cute not to share!

This is about the Color I normally wear except I use OPI Sweet Heart. LOVE IT! But after looking at all these ideas.. i may get creative! :)

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