Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Well that feels better!

Just gave the blog a face lift! :)

I feel like this design is super cliche of me b/c I'm so into teal, coral and chevron! But I definitely think it looks a bit better! Hopefully I will have a new button for you to grab in the next few days. I put one of my besties over at Grits & Giggles on it! I am SO not tech savvy enough to get that html code stuff to work. I have to admit in college I didn't do any of my own work for my computer science class. I had a nerdy friend who thought it was "fun," so I let him do it! :)

Anyways! I know it's been like a month or more since an update and not much is new except for that I'm in the less than 2 month range of graduating with my masters degree! Praise BE! Just busy working, doing school work and trying to have a life! Emphasis on TRYING!

The last weekend of May I traveled to New Braunfels, TX for work. I was attending one of our summer institutes for students on leadership! It was a great long weekend, and fun to experience TX since I've never been! I will say that everything really is bigger in TX, including my hair! My goodness! SC has humidity, but TX took it to a whole new level that my hair was totally NOT ok with! The first 2 days back home I had the best hair days ever, apparently it was thankful I brought it back to humidity it could handle! 

A couple of highlights since the last post:

I promised a few pics from our one year anniversary of togetherness photo shoot! So...

See I TOLD you I was a bit obsessed with coral and teal! Anyways, sorry Will looks non-american in these pictures. He squints when he smiles b/c he claims his cheeks push his eyes closed. Yea.. or he could just say the sun was bright. Which it was. At any rate I LOVE these pictures and my manager did a great job! I know that in years to come I will look back on our first year and cherish these pictures. I've had a few people comment that they looked like engagement pictures, and I agree, except they aren't. But it's like some kind of faux pas to take pics unless your engaged. Did I miss something? I mean, I want to have pictures to show my great grand children (hopefully I live that long) that that is what we looked when we were dating. Pictures are cheap and these were free so hey why not!?

In other news:
We spent the Saturday before Labor Day in Charleston. We just went for the day! I love that we can do that and escape from our small town for the day and then sleep in my own bed at night! While we were in Charleston we met up with my cousin who just finished her Sophomore year at College of Charleston. We hung out around the market, waterfront park and king street for the day. Lovely.

We have a few other exciting adventures ahead:
  • My 27th Birthday- eek!
  • My graduation! - yay!!
YES! We are going, on an airplane no less, to my favorite place in the entire world!! So excited to experience it with the love of my life! He has never been so we will be doing super touristy things, ie. Grand Ole Opry, Country Music HOF, Ryman, Broadway, etc. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

I guess that is all of an update I have for now! This weekend we are going to see Superman (Will's fav) at The Big MO. It's a drive in movie theater about 45min from our town. I love the nostalgia of it, now let's hope there are no bugs! ;)