Tuesday, January 31, 2012

V-Day Challenge #2: Worst. Date. Ever.

Happy Tuesday Ladies! It may only be Tuesday but that's better than it being Monday and it's one day closer to the weekend! Holla! Anyways, I'm linking up with those great girls again for this Valentines Challenge!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today's topic: WORST. DATE. EVER.

Well, like I said yesterday, my dates have been limited. BUT out of the ones I've had I knew RIGHT away which one was the WORST one EVER!! This happened back in September of 2010.
Now, let me give you the scenario...
Guy: Met on eHarmony (which I don't even recommend to the most desperate of desperate!)
Weather: HOT! Even if it was Sept. 19th it was STILL HOT!
Day of the Week: Sunday afternoon
Purpose of the date: to meet for the first time.
Transportation: Jeep (which didn't belong to him, but his cuter/better catch of a brother) and our feet.
Location: Greek Festival, river walk, Harper's Restaurant, USC campus
Wardrobe: I asked what I should wear for the date b/c he wouldn't tell me what we were doing and he said jeans and shirt. I had on SKINNY jeans (I'm a girl that prob. shouldn't wear them at all) and a cute top and Rainbow flip flops.

Now that you have all the logistics and pieces of the puzzle I'll put it together.
He picked me up in a parking lot that we had discussed meeting at. Keep in mind all I knew about him was from a webpage. SO freaking scary I even met up with him in the first place. The jeep was a NEW nice jeep wrangler.. no running boards though. I'm 4'11" I basically took a running leap to get into it. He then admitted it wasn't his and that he drove a Prius. (Strike ONE)
We proceeded to go to the Greek Festival that was going on that weekend at the Greek church downtown. Um, it's loud, it stinks and it was hot. Ew. Ew. Ew. We also had to park in the Ghetto. Ew.
After walking around and me pretending to be interested in gyros, dancing and trinkets he asked if I wanted to go somewhere more quiet so we could talk to get to know each other. I obliged.
We then drove to the river walk, where we proceeded to walk through paved paths in the woods, near the river. At that point I wasn't entirely sure if he was going to murder me or not. Granted I'd done some research on the man (he was 29) and I had a few friends on alert just in case I didn't post to Facebook, text or show up at my house by a certain time they could contact the proper authorities! ;)
After walking what seemed like 5 miles, in skinny jeans & flip flops, we decided to go eat at a local restaurant in the middle of USC called Harpers. It's actually VERY good food! I got a salad and water b/c let's face it I was (still am) out of shape, it had to be 90-something degrees and I have on SKINNY jeans tryin to be all cute when in fact I am sure I'm about to sweat through them!
Dinner was going swimmingly until I asked, "so what's a nice guy like you doing still single?" His reply, and I quote, "well I wasn't going to tell you this on the first date, or maybe even at all, but I've been married before and I'm in the process of getting a divorce." (Strike TWO)
*But apparently I let that roll off me like it didn't matter, because technically we were in a relationship from the end of Sept until Thanksgiving. WOWzers! I'm stupid sometimes!*
Anyways, on with the rest of the date... we went down to USC (reminder I HATE USC & most anything associated with it!) and walked around. Now, I'm sure you are thinking aww a walk around a college campus, how sweet! Um, NO! It is the hilliest campus on the planet! Again, it's HOT and I have on DANG SKINNY JEANS & FLIP FLOPS! Shoot me! We stopped on the steps of the campus theater and talked because honestly I was about to die! What did we talk about you ask? Our exes. Yep. Pretty sure that's a first date no-no. But we both did it so I suppose we needed to vent. After that it was dusky dark and he took me back to my car in the random parking lot. We talked some more in the car & listened to music. We didn't kiss or hug or anything. I got out. Got in my car and left.
Our relationship was just as much of a train wreck as the first date was, but I was in a BAD BAD place at that point in my life and he was a distraction from that. Sometimes God puts people in your life at a certain time for a certain reason and then they disappear! Sometimes I wish I'd never met him or had this experience but I learned SO much from the entire thing. Mainly, don't wear skinny jeans in the hot summer & think you look cute b/c you just look uncomfortable and HOT! ;)

IF you  made it this far I hope this made you laugh and brought a smile to your Tuesday! Have a good one Ladies! See you tomorrow for the next V-day installment! Super excited about it! :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

V-day Challenge #1: Loved This Date

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Welcome to the Valentines Inspried Link Up with Amber! Today's Topic: Best Date Ever!

I'll have to admit I haven't been on too many dates, that would classify as "dates." I mean there was always dinner & a movie, just dinner, just a movie, the occasional outing to somewhere in town that was "fun." But rarely have I ever been on an "official planned out date," until this past December with Firefighter D. He got us tickets to the ballet to see The Nutcracker! He knew that I collected Nutcrackers and that I loved the story. We went to dinner and then the ballet. The best part was I bought a new dress and heels, got all dressed up and enjoyed a great date with a great guy. :)

We've had several great dates since we started this adventure! In fact, yesterday we went to Dreher Island state park, took his dog and walked around for a few hours! It was a beautiful January day (like 62*) and it was so nice to be outside in the sunshine! We enjoyed walking around in nature and sitting and talking. Just goes to show a date doesn't have to be anything fancy to be great! With a little creativity and spontaneity any outing with a wonderful person is a great date!

This is from our little nature outing yesterday! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


I really hate Leslie isn't doing an ACTUAL link-up today, but she's been a bit busy this week so I totally understand! Anyways, I have to do a confessional this week because... here is the BIG confession Ladies! What you've ALL been waiting on... it's Official!
Firefighter D & and I are in fact in a relationship! :)

Yep... I've been keeping this secret for a week now.. last Saturday night before we went to dinner we sat and talked. Last week was rough and my mini-mid-life, mid-life crisis mental break down Thursday night didn't help, but he was there for me the entire time. I was so unsure about us, he's unlike anybody I've ever dated, but as one of my friends reminded me yesterday.. HE IS DIFFERENT than the others and that's probably for the best. Obviously the others were all similar and they didn't work out so maybe this will! :)

A couple months ago on CBS Sunday morning they interviewed Brad Paisley and his wife (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) admitted that she didn't fall for Brad at first even though he was head over heels about her. I could relate! She admitted that, “He says it was love at first sight for him, and for me it was more like love at first month or two.” Read the article here! Anyways, I felt the same way, but for the first time I wasn't lovestruck and head over heels! My head and my heart actually came together this time and my head said, "no wait, let's get to know him before you fall for him."

I have NO idea where this could eventually go, but I do know that I'm happy when I'm with him, he supports me in everything I do, he's a God loving God fearing man, he's an everyday hero who puts his life on the line daily and loves it, he calls me out and tells me how it really is, he listens to country music, he cares about his family and always puts others needs before his own. And he has a lot of other qualities on "my list" (of standards)! :)

I will be including him in more posts and filling you in! This is the first exciting thing to happen to me in quite sometime so beware.. you may get tired of hearing about Firefighter D and our oh so interesting life!

Have a wonderful weekend y'all! I'm kicking it off with pizza and movie (out of Redbox) date with Firefighter D! So excited! Haven't seen him since LAST Saturday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Hellllloooo! & Happy Thursday! Today & tomorrow and then 2 days off for a lovely weekend! :) Praise BE! Anywho.. let's get on to What's OK! With Amber!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I have successfully had yogurt and honey nut cheerios for breakfast every morning this week. FINALLY  able to resist the yummy food that breakfast offers!

...that I have on a skirt today and no hose or tights. Yep, my legs are bare (but shaved) it's suppose to be 70 degrees in SC today so I decided to abort the leg wear. :)

...that I have a minimal amount of funds in my checking account because my paycheck is deposited at approx. 8pm this evening!

...that I disagree with 2 of my friends getting married. I'm not bitter, I just don't think they've found "the one," but they think they have so more power to them.

...that the NEW SPRING Lilly Pulitzer is revealed on SATURDAY! Can't wait! Expect a post with some of my favorites!

...that it's nearly the end of January, however, February is looking ridiculously busy. BUT fun!

...that I play all those silly games like Words with Friends, Scramble, and Family Feud on my phone to unwind at the end of the day. Lord help me.

...that I watch and actually LIKE Toddlers & Tiaras. I just can't resist the pint sized nose picking crown whores, their crazy mommas and the PIXI STIX!! :)

...that I REALLY want to go to a country concert soon. Lady A is coming to G'ville in June and Allison Krauss is coming to Columbia sometime soon. The only problem? My bank account doesn't support my hobby. :/ Why must I pay the car taxes, insurance and the HOA dues?? That's no fun!

...that I'm looking forward to doing Vaentines inspired Link Ups with Amber (the same one who does this link up) from Jan. 30-Feb. 14. Love it! I've already started working on some of those! :)

...that I'm making y'all wait for more exciting news until TOMORROW during Confessions!
You WON'T want to miss it! I just have to tell my parents first before it hits the internet! ;)
No worries I'm not knocked up! It's something gooooood! :)

Finally, It's OK that I LOVE you ALL!! Thanks for following! & your comments mean the world!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Well Hello Ladies!

I am still unfortunately under the weather and now it is complete with an ear infection. OH goodness when will this end! I'm definately NOT loving it! :) However, here is what I AM Loving!! Linking up today with Jaime!

First of all I'm loving the FIRST of the exciting news this week! I'm a member now of 20something bloggers.
I encourage you all to take a look at it. I believe memebership works about like Pinterest. I haven't gotten to explore much into it yet, but it looks like a great way to connect with other 20-something bloggers (obviously!) and maybe a great way to get some post topics!

Now, I'm also loving the idea of non-matching but coordinating bridesmaids dresses.

Anything Coral...

Anything Teal...

Or hey.. Coral & Teal! :)

I'm loving any song by either of these 2 men... 
Chris Young

Lee Brice

I'm loving that Firefighter D is coming to church with me on Sunday and then I'm cooking Sunday lunch for him and my parents! Suggestions for easy dinners... thinking about something from this find! But I'm up for EASY, QUICK, CHEAP and SIMPLE Recipes that you LOVE so please share some of your favorites! :)

While I'm cooking Sunday I will be admiring this little lovely hanging from my stove.

My Pen Pal Rachael  that I was paired with from A Blonde Ambition sent me this last week! It matches my RED kitchen to a T! :) haha it's a Tea Towel! Get it? ;) I crack myself up!

Most of all I'm loving ALL of you!! Up to 43 followers! So sweet to log in and see that number grow! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up 2 Date.

Hello Ladies!
So I was absent a few days from the blog. Friday evening was fun, I took little Miss Riley (one of the sweet munchto see Beauty & the Beast 3D! It was SO good! I may have shed a tear or 2.. Anyways, this was her first 3D movie. She was pumped!
The typhoon this weekend turned me into a lazy bum. Seriously, I got out of bed to vote Saturday and that was it. I literally watched EVERY show I had on my DVR. Finally Saturday night I got my lazy self up, showered and got ready for a dinner date with Firefighter D. We just went to O’Charley’s (we had a free appetizer coupon) but it was SO yummy. I indulged and got a steak & ate every bite! This is what I wore:
Grey Sweater, Oatmeal/Grey tank, Skinny Jeans and Brown Boots!
After dinner we ran by his dad’s house which oddly is right up the street from mine. So I met his dad for the first time and his fiancĂ©. It was good to meet them & their precious beagle Beau. After that we went home and watched the Lifetime movie Untouchable about Drew Peterson. I made him watch it with me because I thought I was going to be scared. I really wasn’t, just disturbed. Totally worth watching though.
Really creepy how much Rob Lowe looks like Drew Peterson! Eeek!
Sunday it was brutally cold (high was like 42) so after church and a yummy bowl of chili I crawled back into bed and proceeded to watch MORE tv. Yea, tv-aholic much? What else is there to do when it’s FREEZING and cloudy? Yea, exactly. Nothing.
Well, Firefighter D did not fix my sink. We went to Walmart after dinner Saturday and got DrainO and other such items. (Really exciting date night;)) But then we started watching the movie and didn’t get to it. Well, on Sunday dad said DrainO wasn’t going to fix it anyways, so he came over and we took apart my sink and fixed it! Now, I know how to do it, although I don’t think I could do it without gagging! J Yay for being a daddy’s girl and having him to do it for me! Firefighter D would have done it, but something about making him clean out my sink pipes probably wouldn’t be a good impression! J
I didn’t update yesterday because I literally felt like death warmed over. I’ve got a sinus thing going on and literally can’t breathe. :/ I woke up at 3:45AM this morning gasping for air, and never went back to sleep! UGH! I’m a zombie. I’m so ready for 5 O’Clock. I should go to the gym, but I will probably just walk two miles at home with the dog before dinner. Then I do believe it’s early to bed for me and a cocktail of Nyquil.
I have done surprisingly well with the diet this week/weekend. The chili I had Sunday was made with ground turkey (I don’t eat ground beef anymore) and I’ve had yogurt and dry cereal for breakfast. I also had a salad with chicken on it for lunch.  Go me!
In fact THE salad I just ate for lunch! :)
Well consider yourselves up-to-date on my oh-so-exciting (not) life. I have a few surprises this week to tell you about.. don’t lose sleep over the anticipation, but I do believe you will be as excited as I am! J

Friday, January 20, 2012

Confessional Friday & an Award!!

Heyyy! Praise the LORD it's Friday!! Seriously. I need a weekend like no other!! Although I have a list of "to-dos" a mile long. Dang it. Oh well, what else is there to do on a cloudy/rainy Saturday? I will be voting in the GOP Primary tomorrow, and that is numero uno on la lista! :) And if I'm feeling better I'll go workout after that. This sore throat needs to peace out. I've woken up with it the past 5 or so days and then he lingers on until about 11am and then goes elsewhere for the day then returns around 9pm and spends the night with me. He must think I'm lonely, when in fact I am pathetic for mortalizing a sore throat. Woah. Stop. Let's move on shall we.. clearly I need a therapy session. Thank you Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition...

1. Been contemplating some "life changes," this week. No worries I'm not jumping off the deep end, I just am having maybe a mini, mid-life, mid-life crisis. Get it? Half of 50 is 25. .yea. Just need to do some thinking about what I want out of life. It seems to be coming down the pipe a bit fast, like the light at the end of the tunnel is actually the train coming towards me.

2. That being said, I can't decided to poop or get off the pot about Firefighter D. I feel like he's totally head over heels and I'm in the "friend zone." I recognize a lot of role reversal in our relationship like, he's the one that wants it to be more, he's the one that calls & texts most of the time, he's the one that will drive the distance, he's the one who keeps biting his tounge not to say those 3 little words. What's wrong with me? This has never happened. I'm always the one that's clingy. Or maybe is he "the one" because he's that into me? HELP!!! Seriously, I'm clueless. #singlegirlissues

3. My face has been looking a HOT mess this week. Breakouts, dry skin (normally have the most oily skin ever), and big 'ol bags under my eyes. I got some new moisturize which I really like. It's Boots brand at Target. It's awesome, and I think when winter isn't so brutal it'll be beneficial. Also, yesterday I went to Avon and got my old liquid foundation I was using before I had switched off to Cream to powder. NEVER again will I use cream to powder. ew. So, hopefully the problem of acne and dry skin will sease. However, these bags! What do you ladies recommend. I've never had/noticed them before. Seriously, I look 85 today. Eesh.

4. I did a little better on the diet this week. Coulda been better, but has been worse. It's a small improvement & I have eaten 3 salads this week. I hate salad. So this is a big deal.

5. I'm going to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D tonight. I am probably more excited than the four year old I'm taking with me. :)

6. I'd like a money tree in my backyard. Thanks.

7. I have discovered the Blogger app for the iPhone. Um, yea I've had an iPhone for nearly 4 years, and a blog for a little over 1 and I'm JUST now knowing about it. #behindthetimes Anyways, expect some bloggy updates ( like quick pics etc.) in the future. Also, if you iPhone lovers have some favorite apps that you just can't live without, please share! :)

8. I was completely and utterly thrilled when Ashley @ Little Miss One Big Mess gave me an AWARD!! SO sweet!
This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, in the hopes that it will bring many new friends/followers. Leibster is German and means 'dearest' or 'beloved' but it can also mean 'favorite'.  The idea of the Leibster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.  So, in the spirit of good fun I am passing this award on to five other bloggers.  Please stop by and visit them.
Thanks so much Ashley! I've had one of those Debbie Downer kinda weeks, so thanks for shining a little light & knowing that you were thinking about me! :) I love your blog and read ALL your posts, they always make me laugh or smile. :) I hope this award brings you some new followers, I know how much you love to blog and you are finding your niche as I am finding mine too!
 The Rules are:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your five picks for the award and let them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshare-other bloggers.
5. Finally and the best rule of all..........have fun and spread the love!
Here are my 5 picks!
I Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Any advice on ANY of my confessions is much appreciated! Love you all & appreciate you all following me! I have the best followers ever and love having new friends!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Hey Ya'll! Aren't we all so glad it's Thursday?!? Seriously, this has been another long week and things are kinda grim at work. A few more people in another dept. lost their jobs. So sad. This is my first time ever working in corporate and honestly it scares me.. good luck to all of y'all graduating in May trying to find jobs! Enough of that biznass... let's move on to IT'S OK, because let's face it, it will be! :) Link up is with Amber over @ Brunch With Amber!

It's Ok...
...that I didn't get home until 10:15 last night because I got to babysit Izzy! I was thrilled! We had a great time. It's amazing how a 5yr old can pick up right where you left off! :)

...that Firefighter D is a handyman. He's going to fix my bathroom sinks that won't drain properly this weekend. I don't think he knows how gross that's gonna be.. oh well he volunteered!

...that American Idol started last night. Let's just add ONE more show back to the TV/DVR lineup!
Rooting for this girl!
...that the Vera Bradley Spring collection debut was today in my email! I probably won't buy any of it, I just like to look at it. But, I sure could use this new makeup organizer...

...that I'm less motivated to lose weigh this year because I have nothing to look forward to like I did last year (Nashville Trip). It's even less motivating now that I know my bridesmaid dress zips, however, I can't gain a pound. Maybe I'll have less to do after work next week and I can hit the elliptical most evenings.

...that my university is/was on National news today covering the GOP primary this weekend.
Always good to see WU represented.

...that I haven't shaved my legs since last Saturday night because I have worn pants or tights everyday. Someone please confirm that is acceptable since it IS winter. Or is it gross.
I live & sleep alone, nobody is near my legs! :)

...that I enjoyed a LARGE cup of coffee this morning and a bit of diet Pepsi too.
I was 4 notches above a coma , it was necessary.

...that I've put A LOT of links in this post. If you looked at them all, or even some, you are awesome!

Have a great day ladies! I love hearing from you! Comments are welcome and awesome! Especially if you are new follower! Thanks in advance! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey Ladies!! Hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday! It's all down hill from here, just keep remembering that! :) I'm linking up with Jaime @ This Kind Of Love for ...
I'm loving that I've discovered Words with Friends & Family Feud on my iPhone. Yep, don't know where I've been for the past several years, but glad I've jumped on the train! 

If you'd like to play my ID is scgirl86

I'm loving that I get to exercise my right to vote this weekend!

Just b/c it's politics doesn't mean it can't be preppy! ;)
I'm loving some Pinterest finds this week!

Also, on the note of humor I LOVED Betty White's 90th Birthday bash on TV the other night! Too funny!
Well I'm loving that it's Wednesday and that there are 2 more days until the weekend! Have a great one & I'd love if you left me comments too! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

Hey Lovely Ladies! It's Tuesday even though some of you may feel like it's Monday since you were lucky enough to have the day off yesterday! I could have found a Link-Up to do today, but I decided to just to a Random post of things goin on. Hope I don't bore you or ramble on, but if I do please feel free to come back tomorrow for something different! :)

This morning did not start off well, it was cold and damp, I had a bit of a tummy ache from last night (chips & queso plus a beer are not good for my stomach!) Yea, so much for that diet thing. I went to Happy Hour with the "young professional" group at work. Which I am chair of the social committee for that org. and we are suppose to have a monthly happy hour.. 4 people showed up and they were in my dept. The email I sent out came back with 11 attending. Yea.. I wasn't too happy. Anyways the whole situation was icky.

THEN I realized today was the 17th and the last day to pay the mortgage before a late fee. So I had to grab my checkbook before heading out of the house in a hurry all while Firefighter D was texting me constantly. I told him I DO NOT plan for extra time in the mornings. Seriously I get ready like clockwork and I don't plan for unexpected texts, phone calls, neighbor's chit chat, etc. So we got in a bit of a tif on the phone while I was driving to work (no worries I have a blue tooth!) Not the way I wanted to start my day: tummy ache, rushed, and a mini argument. Geeze.

Ok. Rant over.// Moving on.

This lovely came in my mail today.. ok my e-mail.

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer for making me drool over clothes. Seriously, I would be happy with anything from Lilly! How cute is this V-day Sweater though?!? And yes, while it's technically for Valentines, you could totally wear it any time because it's about LOVE all the time! (sorry for the cheesyness!)

A friend of mine plus my mom and me are throwing a wedding shower for a close friend of mine. (We are both in the wedding, not my mom though ;)) And our theme is Peacock! In case you've been under a rock and not on Pinterest it's pretty much all the rage.
Anyways, we have found some SUPER cute stuff for the shower and I'm SO excited to do this for my friend. Mom and I went to Mast General Store on Sunday and bought several different kinds of candy to create a candy bar, like this one.

Ours will prob. not look this good, & our colors are blue, green, purple and gold. But you get the picture! While we were at the candy store I ran across these little yummies!!
Gummy grapefruit slices! Just like orange slices, but yummier! Holy moly! They are soooo good! Excuse the background, but we were driving home & I had to take a picture before I ate them all! & the sun just looks so pretty coming through the pinkness!
I'll be back in the gym after work today, then headed to my parents house for spaghetti! Some how that doesn't seem right. I'm already looking forward to Friday because I'm taking my 4yr old friend to see...

I maybe more excited than she is!! :) Thanks for listening to the rant earlier! Glad we got passed that. It's just one of those days... have a great one!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend in Review: LOTS of pretty dresses!!

Hey girlies! It's Monday yet again, but a holiday for some of you (enjoy it while other of us slave away!) But the traffic was pretty decent this morning! :) I'll take a state/federal holiday any day!
Well, I watched WAY too much TV this weekend, but I just can't resist a good pageant and an awards show!
First off -- MISS AMERICA
So sad my home girl, BREE BOYCE didn't make it to talent or top 5! I had just invisioned her in that crown! Lord knows she deserved it! Check out her amazing body! She has lost over 100lbs. Not just to compete, but to start a healthier lifestyle. She is PURE inspiration! I will say this about Ms. Bree: Just like Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol & now she is a household name, Bree may not be Miss America, but America WILL know her name!! She is amazing & a great representative of the state of SC!

You know you wanna hit the elliptical today!

She was stunning in her white evening gown!
         Miss Wisconsin is Miss America 2012! She wore a stunning red dress for talent and sang opera.

This is NY in talent.. what the HECK was she thinking?

Top 5.. Miss Wisconsin on the far left in Black.. Black is not my favorite, but it's pretty! Also, the questions for these lovely ladies were GREAT!! Some decent answers as well. Overall the pageant was very good, minus that NY disaster above!!

Moving on the the BEST and WORST dressed of the Golden Globes!
(pictures from various websites via Google Images)

(in no particular order!)

Charlize- Stunning pastel!
Lovely Emma- love the architechture of this dress & the color! Perfect on her!

Jessica Alba- Lovly lavendar & the sparkles were stunning on stage!

Maria Menounos- Love the Canary! Really PoPs off the red carpet!

Octavia Spencer- Fits her perfectly! Great shade too!

My Homegirl Reese- Perfect! Everything about it! & the hair is fabulous!

Shailene Woodley- Love her and this is absolutely beautiful! Age appropriate as well.

Stacy Keibler- Lady in Red. Simple and stunning.
(again in no particular order!)
Where are the dalmations Cruela Devile? Just not a fan.

What do you get when an alligator crosses paths with a peacock? This dress! Ew.

Jessica, sweetheart you couldn't find anything better than your grandmothers table cloth?

Kelly, normally I give you props girl because you have come a long way, but seriously grey hair?

Madonna, I don't even have words. & neither did you for your speech.

Sarah Michelle, did you wash that dress with a blue ink pen?

All images from US Weekly Magazine.com
Well ladies, those are my picks! Hope you agree! Let me know your thoughts on last nights Golden Globes dresses or otherwise (ps. Ricky was too funny!) or the Miss America Pageant! Have a great Monday!

Oh & one more thing.. if your a new follower I'd love to know your reading! Leave a comment!