Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pink & Green & It's OK Thursday

Yep, it's been awhile since I've done Pink & Green link up! & I'm doing 2 link up's today and I think that makes 3 this week & I'll be doing Confessions with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition tomorrow... yikes! I need some orignal content like WOAH!

Well, it's officially the dead of winter here in SC. Well, I mean it's not that cold, it never is, but it hasn't been sunny since Sunday afternoon. :/ I need SUN! Besides the fact my skin is the color of white-out, It just lifts my spirits! So.. Pink & Green Thursday made me think of SPRING! Here are a few things that are "springy" to lift your winter blues! :)

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Well this is winter-esk, but how AMAZING is this hand made blanket!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Well this helps the winter blues.. how refreshing! Love it! I'll take these in a vase on my kitchen table, stat!

I have seen this Pinned so many times. But it truely is a prefect pairing for spring!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Beautiful dress for a spring soiree!

A picnic with someone special would be stellar right now!

Alright.. now for It's Ok Thursdays over @ Brunch With Amber!

It's Ok...
... that I have gotten really excited this week when I hear a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana song come on my iheartradio & it makes me miss watching Hannah Montana.

...that I've gotten up super early everyday this week to be at work by 7:30 so I can get off work at noon tomorrow!

...that I printed a coupon for FREE (yes you read that right) FREE Chic-fil-A Bfast in the morning!

...that the powerpoint for my presentation yesterday totally didn't work off the flash drive on someone else's lap top for my presentation. (NOT!!) But I had printed them each out a copy of the powerpoint on handouts. Gotta love Plan B.. :/

...that I was excited to have nothing to do this weekend and no longer felt obligated to go to the beach to see my Gma when  my parents said they were driving down in mom's VWBug.. not doin' that! 

...that my other gma is doing better after eye surgery. Pray the blurryness disapates so she can get back to reading and driving.. BUT atleast she isn't blind! :)

...that I think I've done pretty decent on my eating habits this week. Dry cereal & FiberOne muffins for bfast, only ONE large meal a day, probably more bread than I should have, and I still had to have that ONE Coke Zero for the day! :)

...that I didn't get to the gym this week (until this afternoon!) I had to be home for the cable guy to come Monday, I had to babysit Tuesday, and I had church/choir last night!

...that coming back to church choir was exciting for all the little old ladies! They love me! :)

...that my cable box is now fixed and hooked up and I have OnDemand & DVR in my bedroom! Holla! So it's also ok that I missed the new episode of Toddler's and Tiara's with McKenzie last night because I'll be watching it OnDemand sometime this weekend!

...that my nail polish chipped because I found the SAME color I got at the nail salon & did my own last night.

...that I now have 37 followers! Welcome! & Thank you all for joining me on this crazy blog of ramblings and link ups! :) I promise to do better, but HEY I did post everyday this week! Please if your a newbie leave a comment so I can pop over to your blog and show you some blog love!

and finally It's Ok that tomorrow is FRIDAY b/c this has been the LONGEST week EVA!

Have a lovely!


  1. I'm so jealous you're getting off at noon tomorrow! There's no way I could live without my dvr! I catch T&T every once in a while, but Mckenzie is ridiculous! I will have to watch that episode now!

    1. I'm a DVR addict! I have 2.. that's overkill!

  2. I don't know what we did before dvr.... :-)

  3. I missed T and T last night too. I got home and was so tired I showered and went to bed. I will just catch it next week. I wanna be in choir and on the same token, I wanna be able to sing! God doesn't care if you sound good tho right? Jealous that you get off early tomorrow...actually I get off at 2 so I can't really complain. ITs the best right??

    1. Yea, God doesn't care how you sound! Trust me I am no Carrie Underwood (well I think I am when I'm in the car!) but I can blend! :) Enjoy your Friday off at 2! I'm going to pick up a Bridesmaid dress & then maybe the mall to find a dress for a shower! joy!

  4. Morgan, your comment would not let me respond in email form. My header and blog button was made by Munchkinland Designs. The girl on the header and button was made by my friend Casey. I wrote how you can reach him here. He does such great work and very affordable