Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK! Thursday

Hey All! Doing a link up today that I found via that she links up with on Thursdays from Brunch with Amber. Always exciting to find a new link up! This is pretty cute.. a little like confessions, but I love a random posting! :)

It's Ok....

...that I haven't exactly jumped on my New Years Intentions. Back to the gym day #2 starts at 6pm today!

...that I went shopping on Monday and bought $52 worth of stuff from the VS Semi-Annual Sale.

...that I've bought b-fast everyday this week. & non of it has been "healthy."

...that I have VERY little weekend plans & I'm excited about it.

...that all my shows come back on this week and my DVR is working over-time. Hey, I think I just figured out my weekend plans! :)

...that I like January only for it's less planned, less busy, dreary kinda month it is!

...that MOST of my friends are in a serious relationship, engaged, married, having babies or a combination of any of the above, and I am not!

...that I make lists for EVERYTHING!

...that it's now fashionable to wear balck with brown.

...that I'm really into painting my nails currently.


It's NOT Ok....

...that people feel the need to rant about football on facebook.

...that tights and hose make my legs feel like linked sausage.

...that it's been FREEZING cold in SC this week. I hate cold weather unless there is snow and the whole town shuts down.

...that I've had more than 1 headache in the past week and I feel tired 85% of the time.

...for people to ignore text messages. It's a text. It requires maybe 60 seconds of your precious time to read it and answer it. Thanks.

...that I still have acne at 25.

...that I want to spend more time on blogging and Pinterest than doing something actually productive! ;)

Have a Wonderful day ladies! :)


  1. Yay! So glad you linked up! This link-up is one of my favorites! My DVR is getting really full too! I hope everything stays until this weekend!I know exactly how you feel about all your friends being in committed relationships. It also sucks that so many of them forget what it feels like to be single! I hate wearing tights for the same reason, I'm so ready for spring to be here!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. All of my friends are the same way! Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong! At least there are a bunch of us out there :-)

  3. You probably got a good amount of stuff at that sale because the semi-annual sale is Ahhmazing! Its totally ok that all your friends are married, engaged, reproducing etc and you are not, because I too am THAT GIRL.

    I was immediately caught by your blog name, because I literally have a problem with anything much so that I am working in a monogram gift shop currently going on 2 years. #problem

    New follower! Check my train wreck life out if you get time on your lazy weekend :)