Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A tribute to older generations

A while back I said I would do a post about someone very special in my life. She is my "adopted" Grandma. Now, I guess I need to explain that. She has known me my entire life. She was my dad's secretary when I was born. My dad soon moved on to another church and they no longer worked together but saw each other frequently. Then a few years ago she started working at the office my dad works at, then summer after my Jr. year of college I worked there and continued working there after I graduated. She and I became really close friends. She has 2 sons, neither of which ever married so she has nieces and nephews and other family but no immediate grand children. So.. I adopted her. I have 2 wonderful grandmothers, but neither of them live close, so being able to go to lunch with her and have a great relationship with her means so much! She's a good bit younger than my grandmothers, but still old enough to be my grandmother! :)

A couple weeks ago we celebrated her "retirement" from my dad's office. She is retiring for like the 3rd time, but she is still going to work there 2 days a week. Anyways, it was a great time hearing all the funny stories and getting to see some of the people I use to work with as well. Here is a picture of Gma Jackie and me!
The funny thing about Gma Jackie is that she reminds me SO much of the lady that use to take care of me when I was a child. They oddly look AND act alike. Their mannerisms are so similar and their hands are almost identical. (I am observant when it comes to hands, it's weird, I know!) Anyways, the lady that use to keep me when I was little passed away when I was in the 8th grade. It was very hard for me because she practically raised me. Granted, my mom wasn't not the typical mom to have a nanny, she went to work everyday and needed someone to stay with me and refused to put me in daycare. I am forever greatful for that! However, I miss Pearl all the time. There are times where I just randomly think of her and smile knowing she's looking down on me and probably laughing! :) Here is a picture of her and me. Pretty sure I was four in this picture.

Anyways, the older women in my life have really taught me a lot and a lot about myself. I enjoyed seeing and being around my biological grandmothers over Christmas. Please pray for my dad's mother as she is having surgery on her "good" eye, tomorrow. Hoping all goes well & she will continue to sustain the vision she has left in that eye. Her mother, my great grandmother, was blind the last 30+ years of her life, so bad vision runs in the family. I just don't want her to lose her vision. Her mother lived to be 99 and 6mos, and she just turned 89 so she could potentially have 10 years left if she can sustain her health. Again, thanks for the prayers! :)

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