Friday, January 6, 2012

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

Hello Lovelies! It's finally Friday! Holy moly for a short week it's been LONG!!! Work is semi-busy and currently giving me a headache (literally) because I'm doing research on state insurance websites and reading a bunch of tiny print.. yikes!
Anywhodoodle.. no big weekend plans exactly. Pampered Chef party tonight with some co-workers. Not exactly sure why I'm going because Lord knows I don't cook! Then going to Firefighter D's house afterward to watch Friends with Benefits! Super excited to see that movie, it's been on my "Redbox List" for a while!
Saturday I have a few errands to run, one being the gym, the grocery store and finally Target! :) I have to pick up a birthday present for a sweet girl turning 5 on Monday. Her party is tomorrow night. This little girl has a big spot in my heart and I MAY do a blog post with a current pic of her on Sunday. I used to be her nanny.. so it's a touchy subject. I miss the little munchkin like crazy! Excited to see her though!
Sunday I plan on being as L-A-Z-Y as possible! Me and the DVR/a movie may have an afternoon appointment and invite Mr. Nap!

Wow. I'm talking crazy! Let's move on with the Confessions shall we? Again.. love that Mrs. Leslie from A Blonde Ambition does this to provide me with a dose of therapy! :)

1. I have really NOT gotten started on my fitness/diet routine I had intended on doing. I mean I had the day off from work Monday and then it's just been a crazy work week & never got to the grocery store. So yea... I'm gonna get right on that this Monday. PROMISE!! :)

2. My department at worked moved floors so they could renovate ours. I'm in a 6x6 cube, in close quarters to EVERYONE. Meaning I can hear every noise anyone makes. Kinda annoying. But I love the cozyness of my cube. Everything is at arms reach for once in my life! #shortgirlproblems

3. Discovered that I'm pretty good at painting my nails, and keeping them painted. I did treat myself to a mani/pedi on my day off Monday. Love how long those little ladies can get my polish to last. (This time I got OPI "Do you think I'm Text-y" polish) I however am OBSESSED with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish. It's the & I intend to pick up a new color while at Target tomorrow! Must try it if you haven't! Seriously it dries in like 2.5 seconds! Ps. I learned this week on a blog somewhere you should refrigerate your polish! FYI
4. Really wish I'd thought through my outfit better today. Should have worn Kackis and a turtleneck. This is the 3rd day in a row in a skirt/dress with hose/tights. I kinda wanna cry cause it's Friday and I should have "dressed down" a bit. Just a little uncomfy!

5. In case any of you had thought I'd become less-obsessed with my country music. You'd be wrong. has been on constantly this week at work. I kinda like playing with it and seeing what I can get it to play. The more less common, less heard on the radio songs I can get the better!

6. Loving the new followers I've acquired this week! Really makes me happy! && thanks for leaving comments that also puts a big smile on my face when I get an email with a comment! :)

7. Hate it when Pinterest flops out on me.. I hate seeing that 502 oops! error! :/

8. No, me and Firefighter D are NOT in a relationship. We are dating. No Relationship. Why's everybody gotta think it's gotta be "a relationship?" Seriously. People who I don't even really talk to have asked me about him. I mean I've been VERY vague on Facebook about it, haven't seen anybody I know when we've been out and I don't really talk about him. Geezzzus! Come on. Ever heard of taking things slow?? I've done the fast, rush into a relationship and then watch it spiral out of control and then I get hurt. I'm not really up for that again. //off soapbox Sorry!

9. Beyond ready for a weekend. How about you? What are your confessions this week?? Have a lovely!


  1. There is nothing wrong with taking things slow! In fact I suggest it! No need to rush it :)

    Also, Friends with Benefits is an AWESOME movie! I have seen it probably 3 times in the last month!

  2. I have not started my working out and dieting for the new year yet, but I think it's okay! We'll do it soon enough!
    I think it's great that you're taking it slow! There's no reason at all to rush it!

  3. So excited to get comments on my blog from you! I think you definitely take the cake for my award "Loyal Blogger of the Week." I love i get comments obvs because I have literally posted it at least 5 times this week! #lossserrr. Anyways, I am super excited for your hang out time with firefighter boy. I can't wait to hear all about it and yay to you for taking it slow.

    Also, lets please please be in touch about you being a guest blogger on at my place! Seriously, I would be honored! :) You could blog about whatever you want. Let's get some more followers! Yippeee! We're doing this!