Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I intend...

oh. my. word. it's 2012. how did that happen? Seriously. I rang in the new year by going to see "New Years Eve" with date Firefighter D! Such a great a movie! I mean it's not Oscar worthy, but I like silly movies like that. And he was a good sport about going to see a chickflick! :) He says he actually enjoyed it. yea.. not sure if I believe him. Anyways... after the movie we came back to my house and watched the ball drop. Low key, but I enjoyed it.

Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition stated that she wasn't making resolutions, but intentions. Which sounded better than resolutions just because there is so much weight and expectations put into resolutions, so here are my intentions! Sorry they are a few days late..

> Lose Weight. Well this is a duh, and a given. Last year I wanted to lose 25lbs by the time I turned 25, which gave me 7 mos. I lost like 17.. so yea. Didn't accomplish ONE out of TWO resolutions I made last year. (Hence why I am setting intentions instead this year ;)) But seriously, I want to lose like 26lbs, by 26. Can I do it? We shall see. My gym bag is packed for today! :)
 > Eat better. This kinda goes hand in hand with the one above. But it won't do me any good to spend an hour at the gym if I grab a donut by the coffee pot at work. So... I'm going to try to eat a healthy lunch and add in healthy snack so I won't eat out of boredom at my desk. Oh. & I guess I'm going to have to cut back on the Coke Zeros. :/

> Keep Track of the moo-la. I'm a spender. I'll admit it. But I need to do better job of keeping up with the finances. I need to save some back. And I need to tithe more.
> Re-connect. In 2008-2010 I was really involved in the church I grew up in. I joined the choir, taught children's choir and coached an Upward cheerleading squad. Half way through 2010 I decided to start "church hopping." Well most of 2011 I was in and out of church and never found a spot. Well, at the Christmas music program at my home church a couple weeks ago, about 5 different women came up to me and said how much they missed me in choir. So I've decided that I'm going go back to choir, go back to Sunday school and just genuinely get back involved at my home church. I just never found anywhere else to call my church home so I guess you can always come back home.
> Get Organized. Last year in January it snowed and I was literally trapped in my house for 2 days. Honestly it was quite blissful. I accomplished SO much. I organized EVERY closet, drawer and cabinet in my house. Somehow, a year later, it looks like I never did it. How does this happen? So yea. Gonna fix that. It would be so awesome if God would give me 2 snow days so I could do this without having to use up a weekend! :)
> Be Open. Last year (besides the weight resolution) I resided to stay single for a year. I did it! Well now that Firefighter D has entered the picture things could change. I'm a little hesitant. I've gotten really use to being single. I mean, I dated last year, probably more than ever in my life, but it was kinda nice not being in an exclusive relationship. I'm enjoying dating him and only him right now, but we aren't exclusive, and I'm not ready to be exclusive. I'm so thankful he's ok with that and understands how I feel. But I intend to be more open to possibilities..

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  1. I love these intentions rather than resolutions! I may have to post some!
    I am in a very similar position with my home church. I meant to visit some new churches this fall, but it's hard to make myself do it by myself. There's just no one my age at my home church! I'm glad to know someone else knows what I'm going through!