Friday, January 13, 2012

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

Hola Chicas!! Happy FRIDAY!!! Lord I just didn't think it was gonna make it to it this week! It's just been that kinda week & I'm kinda still in like a holiday hangover. Anybody else with me?

I did however BLOG ALL 5 days this week & I'm anticipating ONE, maybe TWO post over the weekend! & maybe a little blog re-fashioning. (Suggestions welcome!) Be on the lookout, but if it doesn't happen, don't hate! ;)

Let's get to the business @ hand.. which would be the 4th link-up of the week. Does that break some kinda blogging world rule I don't know about? Hope not!
Again, thank you for my free therapy session.

1. I stay up WAY to late on Thursday nights watching Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice. Getting up was haaaaaaard.

2. I haven't done a good through and through cleaning of mi casa since, eh sometime right after Thanksgiving, & all the containers from packing lunch this week are piled in my sink. I should probably make cleaning up a priority on Saturday instead of plundering through thrift stores to find items to make stuff I've seen on Pinterest or spending time on the blog. hmmm we shall see....

3. I intend on watching Miss America (Go Bree Boyce, Miss SC!) Saturday night (I WAS a pageant girl, now I just enjoy picking the winner from my couch) & I've sucked Firefighter D into watching it with me. Well, who am I kidding, it can't possibly be that hard for a 26 year old man to stare at 50 beautiful women for 2 hours!

4. I really, I mean REALLY want to go see Beauty & the Beast in 3D. Seriously. Really. She's my favorite Princess & I can only imagine how beautiful she will look in 3D!

5. I'm WAY over the politicalness that is infiltrating my tv. Thank goodness for the DVR so I can fast forward through the commercials atleast! Side note: please ignore any bad press that comes out of the SC primary next week. Our state isn't as crazy as the media is going to make it seem. I apologize in advance.

6. I had a Chic-fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit for breakfast, bfast potatoes & a coke zero. Yep, broke all diet rules. But it was so good & a salad is on tap for lunch! That totally balances out. Right? & both meals will be completely free! A free meal always taste amazing!

7. Glad I have another low-key weekend ahead. It will be February all too soon when I have an obligation every weekend.

8. Golden Globes are Sunday night. I'll be DVR'n Le Housewives & PanAm to watch the awards. Ricky is funny & the dresses are what it's really all about. I see a blog post Monday that may have something to do with the Red Carpet.

9. I get VERY excited when I get an email alert that I have a comment on my blog and even more so when it's a new follower! So.. that being said, please leave a comment & I will drop over to your blog sometime this weekend and take a looksie! If you one of my favorites you'll know I'll be stopping by to see your Confessionals this week!

Have a lovely weekend Y'all!!



  1. I'm eating Chick Fil A right now!! ( for the 3rd time this week) shhhh don't tell anyone! It is quite frankly delicious :)

    1. Hey so for some reason it won't let me leave an actual comment but will let me reply to this one so just wanted you to know I tagged you on my blog if you want to play along. Hope you are having a great start to your weekend.

  2. I am so glad that you have been on a blogging role! I have been too and its def nice and easy to get new followers! Congrats on new followers btw! Doesn't it make you feel amazing to get comments!? It totally turns a bad day around for me!

    I can't wait to hear all about your weekend and yes, please do those dishes before hottie comes ova!

  3. I am so excited to see beauty and the beast too!!! And loving your taste in TV :)