Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend in Review: LOTS of pretty dresses!!

Hey girlies! It's Monday yet again, but a holiday for some of you (enjoy it while other of us slave away!) But the traffic was pretty decent this morning! :) I'll take a state/federal holiday any day!
Well, I watched WAY too much TV this weekend, but I just can't resist a good pageant and an awards show!
First off -- MISS AMERICA
So sad my home girl, BREE BOYCE didn't make it to talent or top 5! I had just invisioned her in that crown! Lord knows she deserved it! Check out her amazing body! She has lost over 100lbs. Not just to compete, but to start a healthier lifestyle. She is PURE inspiration! I will say this about Ms. Bree: Just like Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol & now she is a household name, Bree may not be Miss America, but America WILL know her name!! She is amazing & a great representative of the state of SC!

You know you wanna hit the elliptical today!

She was stunning in her white evening gown!
         Miss Wisconsin is Miss America 2012! She wore a stunning red dress for talent and sang opera.

This is NY in talent.. what the HECK was she thinking?

Top 5.. Miss Wisconsin on the far left in Black.. Black is not my favorite, but it's pretty! Also, the questions for these lovely ladies were GREAT!! Some decent answers as well. Overall the pageant was very good, minus that NY disaster above!!

Moving on the the BEST and WORST dressed of the Golden Globes!
(pictures from various websites via Google Images)

(in no particular order!)

Charlize- Stunning pastel!
Lovely Emma- love the architechture of this dress & the color! Perfect on her!

Jessica Alba- Lovly lavendar & the sparkles were stunning on stage!

Maria Menounos- Love the Canary! Really PoPs off the red carpet!

Octavia Spencer- Fits her perfectly! Great shade too!

My Homegirl Reese- Perfect! Everything about it! & the hair is fabulous!

Shailene Woodley- Love her and this is absolutely beautiful! Age appropriate as well.

Stacy Keibler- Lady in Red. Simple and stunning.
(again in no particular order!)
Where are the dalmations Cruela Devile? Just not a fan.

What do you get when an alligator crosses paths with a peacock? This dress! Ew.

Jessica, sweetheart you couldn't find anything better than your grandmothers table cloth?

Kelly, normally I give you props girl because you have come a long way, but seriously grey hair?

Madonna, I don't even have words. & neither did you for your speech.

Sarah Michelle, did you wash that dress with a blue ink pen?

All images from US Weekly
Well ladies, those are my picks! Hope you agree! Let me know your thoughts on last nights Golden Globes dresses or otherwise (ps. Ricky was too funny!) or the Miss America Pageant! Have a great Monday!

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  1. I totally agree with your comment about Kelly! I LOVE HER so much but lately that hair has been a mess, to say the least. I love me some Reese also. Some of my favorite movies have her in them. She is just classy and she always looks amazing! Good picks girl!

  2. Love love love the comment about Angelina Jolie. Very appropriate haha!! I love Reese but the bottom of her dress looks wrinkled - too much fabric?? Bad seamstress?? Oh and Sarah Michelle.....Joan Rivers is going to have a field day with you girl on Fashion Police!!!

  3. I forgot about Charlize, she looked gorgeous!
    And I hate anything Angelina wears, she dresses like an old woman. That and she looked way to skinny in a sick way.

  4. bree is such an inspiration!! she looks fabulous!

    and i totally agree with your picks... what is kelly thinking with grey hair? i actually dont mind her dress, its just i cant get passed the hair!