Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

Hey Lovely Ladies! It's Tuesday even though some of you may feel like it's Monday since you were lucky enough to have the day off yesterday! I could have found a Link-Up to do today, but I decided to just to a Random post of things goin on. Hope I don't bore you or ramble on, but if I do please feel free to come back tomorrow for something different! :)

This morning did not start off well, it was cold and damp, I had a bit of a tummy ache from last night (chips & queso plus a beer are not good for my stomach!) Yea, so much for that diet thing. I went to Happy Hour with the "young professional" group at work. Which I am chair of the social committee for that org. and we are suppose to have a monthly happy hour.. 4 people showed up and they were in my dept. The email I sent out came back with 11 attending. Yea.. I wasn't too happy. Anyways the whole situation was icky.

THEN I realized today was the 17th and the last day to pay the mortgage before a late fee. So I had to grab my checkbook before heading out of the house in a hurry all while Firefighter D was texting me constantly. I told him I DO NOT plan for extra time in the mornings. Seriously I get ready like clockwork and I don't plan for unexpected texts, phone calls, neighbor's chit chat, etc. So we got in a bit of a tif on the phone while I was driving to work (no worries I have a blue tooth!) Not the way I wanted to start my day: tummy ache, rushed, and a mini argument. Geeze.

Ok. Rant over.// Moving on.

This lovely came in my mail today.. ok my e-mail.

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer for making me drool over clothes. Seriously, I would be happy with anything from Lilly! How cute is this V-day Sweater though?!? And yes, while it's technically for Valentines, you could totally wear it any time because it's about LOVE all the time! (sorry for the cheesyness!)

A friend of mine plus my mom and me are throwing a wedding shower for a close friend of mine. (We are both in the wedding, not my mom though ;)) And our theme is Peacock! In case you've been under a rock and not on Pinterest it's pretty much all the rage.
Anyways, we have found some SUPER cute stuff for the shower and I'm SO excited to do this for my friend. Mom and I went to Mast General Store on Sunday and bought several different kinds of candy to create a candy bar, like this one.

Ours will prob. not look this good, & our colors are blue, green, purple and gold. But you get the picture! While we were at the candy store I ran across these little yummies!!
Gummy grapefruit slices! Just like orange slices, but yummier! Holy moly! They are soooo good! Excuse the background, but we were driving home & I had to take a picture before I ate them all! & the sun just looks so pretty coming through the pinkness!
I'll be back in the gym after work today, then headed to my parents house for spaghetti! Some how that doesn't seem right. I'm already looking forward to Friday because I'm taking my 4yr old friend to see...

I maybe more excited than she is!! :) Thanks for listening to the rant earlier! Glad we got passed that. It's just one of those days... have a great one!


  1. Sometimes we need to rant for a little bit to make ourselves feel better! I have done it alot lately so its all good!

    Hope the rest of the day is better than earlier!

  2. I am obsessed with that shirt! And I love any cheesiness associated with it :)