Friday, December 23, 2011

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

Hello Ladies!!
Well the holiday weekend has arrived & I will soon be on my way to Greenville, SC to spend time with family. My gmas 89th birthday is tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and we'll be celebrating that as well as Christmas. I'm sure there will be LOTS of food... I'm almost overwhelmed with how much I will consume between tonight and Monday at lunch. ew. Anyways... I'm (hopefully) going to link up with Leslie again over at A Blonde Ambition but I will be cutting off the computer around noon, so if she hasn't posted her confessions by then it's not going to happen. :/

Anyways today's confessional is about this new guy.. here it goes.

1. We went to high school together but I don't remember him. That's probably because I was a stuck up snotty semi-popular girl who only had friends in my little "group." Horrible. He remembers me.

2. We have been Facebook friends for over a year and our only interaction (until Oct.2) was bantering back and forth about football. He is a HUGE Univ. of SC fan and I am a HUGE Clemson fan. If you aren't from SC compare it to your instate football rivalry and multiply that by 10. Yea, it's that bad and almost a "deal breaker."

3. We started talking through Facebook chat and texting on Oct. 2 when I posted on Facebook that the Scrubbing bubbles product that puts a gel disc in your toilet is a horrible product because it left a gooey mess in my potty. He came back and commented that he was sure it was "operator error." So he said text me a pic and let me see what you did wrong. Yea.. so we started texting after that. He's pretty thankful to Scrubbing bubbles. :)

4. Our first "date" which wasn't a date, it was a "hangout" and "get to know you/see you since high school" was at a local hamburger joint called Rushes. It's yummy, but its seriously about 2 notches nicer than Sonic. It worked though and mark it down that I ATE a hamburger in front of a boy on a "meet & greet."

5. Our second "date" was to the town Christmas parade, Rushes (yes again) and to a local  church Christmas play.

6. Our first "Official Date" as we are referring to it as, was to Ruby Tuesday (where I ate a steak and potato in front of him haha) and to the Nutcracker ballet. It was truly a wonderful night. It was nice to get all dressed up! Granted I'm a horrible blogger and didn't take pics from that night.

7. We have been to 3 church Christmas presentations. Seriously starting to get to know someone and date has been super easy during the holiday season. There is TONS of stuff to do and most of it is FREE!

8. Finally last night we went on our Christmas date to a local italian restaurant (our fav) called Villa Tronco. The restaurant itself is housed in what was the original Columbia, SC fire dept. Fun fact: I'm OBSESSED with firetrucks! Have been since college or maybe before.. not really sure. Well, new guy is a firefighter! :) Makes my heart smile! :)

9. As promised here are a few pictures of ... what shall we call him on the blog... hmmm how about Firefighter D. :)

Our first pic.. hanging out at his house on a Friday night watching a Christmas movie!

At my church Christmas music performance.
Last night after our Christmas date dinner! :)
10. We're still JUST FRIENDS and getting to know one another. But he's super sweet! :)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!! Merry Christmas!

Much Love! <3 


  1. In the first picture, he favors Matt Damon. I'm happy for you and can't wait to hear more next time I'm down!

  2. ...I can't tell you how happy this blog post makes me :))) Love it all!!

  3. Girl spill your guts! Have you kissed him? What did he wear on your first meet and greet? Does he have style? Spill Spill! My level of single over here has reached beyond desperation so need to live vicariously through you and the new boy :) Rivalry is good!!! At least SC and Clemson aren't in the same conference....but your level of rivalry is like a Georgia Girl (like myself) loving a Jort-Wearin Gator haha!!

  4. My used-to-be-still-might-be significant other is from North Augusta and he and his family are HUGE Clemson fans, so I get the rivalry. I am not allowed to speak of South Carolina in regards to anything sports especially football!

    He's cute. Can't wait to hear more about it. Also, I love that your "dates" have been so casual and Ruby Tuesday is just awesome.