Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"not doin that"

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday week! I'm off work for a few days (which is oh so lovely) so I have time to BLOG! Imagine that! :) A few weeks ago, well like a month ago, a co-worker got me hooked back on Toddlers and Tiaras. I'd really forgotten how funny yet sick and twisted it is, but I do enjoy a good laugh from it. Anyways, one of my favorite little girls they feature is Makenzie Myers. She is from the deep south and has just the funniest southern accent and definitely diva attitude. Love it! Anyways, Mak has some pretty good one liners and I've adopted a few of them into my vocabulary. Please see video below for example of one liners...

I have used "Not Doin That" about 1,000,000 times. No lie. For example:

About a month ago mom and I were attempting to go see The Help in the movie theater. It had been out a while but we're busy people so we pushed it to the back burner. Well, one Sunday afternoon we were unoccupied with another activity so we looked up the movie time online and in the paper. Each stated that the movie started at the theater we wanted to go to at 1:00. We rearranged our Sunday, meaning we attended early worship, ate lunch early etc so we could be sure to make it by then. Well that also happened to be the Sunday that the time changed. So we get to the theater and they have the time for 12:00, so we'd missed it. I was fumming, and so were another couple of ladies. So I demanded that we speak with a manager. He says well the times in the paper aren't guaranteed and  I used the wrong internet site. Whatevs. Anyways, he said I could come back for the one that started at 4:30, I said, "Not doin that." And then he said well what movie would you like to see today for *free* well Footloose had been out about a week, so we picked that one! Yep, saw a movie for free! Have yet to see The Help, but it's on DVD now, so I'll get it from a RedBox!

Example numero dos:
A couple weeks ago the lady I babysit for backed into my car and I had to have my car in the shop for a few days. Well I had to get a rental car to drive around while it was being fixed. I get to the rental car company & they state they her insurance will only pay for me to have a $23/day car, but all they have available is a car that cost $29/day. I said well, "I'm not doin that." And they not only said they would recover the cost, but they gave me my dream car for the 2 days. Thank you very much.

Example numero tres:
Again, it's a car issue. Seriously it's something all the time and I have a car that is only 3 yrs old. Anyways, I took it to have the oil changed this passed Saturday and they call me (cause I'm in Walmart next door) and they say that my battery failed their test. Whatever that means. And I'm like how does a battery on a less than 3 year old car with less than 40,000 miles fail? So I was like let me call my daddy, because that's what single girls who go alone to do manly activities do when the men that are in control of that activity try to take advantage. Hope you followed that. SO, daddy says, that's completely "bogus." Yes, he even used that word. So I call them back and I'm like, how much much is the new battery?
They reply with $90-$95.
I said, well, "I'm not doin that!"
And the little service guy says I'll go speak with a manager.
The manager calls me back and says, I hear you aren't happy. (Ok, no fool, I'm not happy I went in thinking about a $25 oil change and you want to make me buy an almost $100 battery!)
However, I bit my tongue and I politely replied, no sir.
And he said well I see you've kept up with your services and blah blah blah and we'll "goodwill" you a battery.
I said, like for free? And he said Yes.

See ladies that's how you roll you simply state "Not Doin That!" and you simply don't have to. I like Mak's approach and I'm going to keep trying it. The end.


  1. Have you seen The Help yet? If not, consider it a movie night in January with me! It is awesome!! :)

  2. Watching it with mom sometime soon! She and I had planned to see it in the theater and things got busy and we didn't!