Friday, December 16, 2011

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

Hello Ladies! Time for another Link up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition! Just another reason why I love Fridays! This Friday brings a pay check, and my Christmas Vacation that technically starts on Monday at noon. It would have started today at 5pm, but my department is moving so they can rennovate our floor and therefore I do not feel comfortable leaving my items in boxes and my computer possibly not connected correctly for me to come back to on the 27th. So, because I am a planner and organizer I am coming in a half day Monday to get myself situated before my mini-vaca! At any rate I'm just thankful to have a cubicle to come to everyday! Ya heard...

On to the Confessions...

1. I eaten about 8-10 grapefruits this week. 2 most days & one day I had 3... I hope there isn't some weird side effect for doing that. They are SO delicious! Better than all these sweets floating around this time of year.. but I'm eating some of them too.. oops!

2. My dad called me on Monday to purposely tell me that he liked the new (potential) relationship interest. Gonna have to find a "name" or identification for him at some point b/c he's been meantioned on 3 blog posts now! Anyways.. I did a little happy dance when dad approved b/c that rarely happens! :)

3. Still haven't done much Christmas shopping. That leaves this weekend and some of the time I have off next week. Super. Not.

4. I'm housesitting/dogsitting this week and I find it extremely odd and awkward to sleep, shower and eat in someone elses house. Just weird, but I'll take the moo-la. Every penny counts during the holidays.

5. I didn't really "ask" for anything specifically for Christmas from "Santa." (my mom still does Santa gifts, although they are wrapped and have a tag that says To: Morgan From: Santa -- in her hand writing) I'm kinda curious to see what I get. I hinted at a bunch of things I wanted, but I have an endless list of needs and wants that I frequently verbalize, so who knows which ones they've actually picked up on. Like.. a new bedroom tv OR and iPad. I'll take either! :)

6. I thinking that at somepoint this week I'll do a post on the *new* (potential) relationship interest. Cause it might be getting more serious. Maybe. Like I'm meeting his parents tonight.

7. I kinda want to wear a tacky christmas sweater christmas day just to be silly & festive. & I've never been to a tacky christmas sweater party and my mom just has so many to chose from. It's a shame they are just sitting in a bin in the top of her closet... ;)

8. This seems like a good stopping point. Have a great weekend Ya'll!

Much Love! <3

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  1. Meeting the parents? Definitely a good sign! Good luck!