Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This weekend I celebrated Halloween larger than usual. I normally go to Rock Hill and partay it up with my college friends & that is it, but I managed to squeeze in a second party this weekend, and you might even say work was a bit of a party today as well! :) Here are some pics from the weekend!
Lumber Jill! (excuse the quality! iphone4 fail!)

All the girls! :)

This is normal... she touched my boob or something...

Saturday night I went with the parentals to their neighborhood Halloween party! Lots of fun actually! I went as Lumber Jill again, and my parents were High School Sweet Hearts! :) Too cute!

Today was Halloween & I have to say even though I am now a grown up having to work on Halloween and not getting to trick or treat anymore really wasn't too bad!! We had a SPREAD of Sweets & Treats! SO much so that the sugar had taken over by 4:50 & this picture resulted!
My coworker Sherry & me! We were opposites! :)

Well.. that's just about as much Halloween as I can take! Seriously. On to Thanksgiving! My fav! :)

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