Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Tis The Season

It's upon us. How does this happen? It's like every year goes by so fast & I wonder how in the WORLD we got to Christmas. In my defense it seems that Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year, I mean we barely get through July 4th & Halloween is out, and then before Halloween is cleaned up Christmas is out! And to top it off stores opened ON THANKSGIVING for Black Friday. I did not participate in the excitement this year. Wasn't feeling it! :) I guess I'll have to get in the Christmas spirit another way! ;)

I have very little to blog about here lately. November was kinda a "blah" month. All I did was work and babysit. & I'll be continuing the trend with LOTS of holiday events planned in between for the next month. This weekend consists of a 50th Wedding Anniversary party (for friends of my parents), a family reunion in Honea Path, SC aka the boonies, and then going to see a local churches Christmas play. Next weekend, would be babysitting, another church christmas production and something I'm VERY excited about.

Not sure if you have ever heard of Operation Christmas Child that is supported by Samaritains Purse (Billy Gram Ministries) but you pack a shoe box full of little Dollar Store or Walmart goodies, toys, tooth brushes, hair bows etc. and they are shipped all around the world. I think it is absoulutely incredible that a tiny shoebox full of stuff we might consider to be junk, is so priceless to a small child in another country. Anyways, the main center where all the boxes come from local churches is in Charlotte, NC about 90miles up the road. My church is taking a group of people to help go through the boxes (to weed out unnessisary items, or items that don't meet the specifications) and then pack them into bigger boxes and ship them internationally. I'm SO excited to spend my Saturday volunteering and doing something for others. I'm positive that will put me in the Christmas spirit! :) The last time I participated in this I was a sophomore in high school. I just haven't had the time or opportunity to do it again, and when the chance came up I rearranged my schedule to be able to go! Can't wait!!

I'm in the process of decorating the house and when it's finished, I'll post a few pictures. It's a little lo-key this year with only 1 out of the 2 trees up. Some years you just can't do it all. But of course I've pulled out ALL 65+ Nutcrackers! I just can't have Christmas with out them! :) Thanks to Pinterest I've found some cute new ways to decorate and things to add. I'm also making a list of things to look for on sale the day after Christmas. I LOVE to buy stuff at the end of the season, pack it up with the decorations and get it out the next year! It's like an early Christmas present. I did that last year and had totally forgotten what I'd bought and I was OVER JOYED when I discovered it was these cute little metal packages to place on the mantel! Precious! I'll be sure to post a pic! :)

I'm officially on Christmas music overload. I've had it on constantly at work the past 2 days... not sure if that's good or not. Thanks for providing Country Christmas. I never get tired of Carrie or Martina belting out O Holy Night, or Taylor Swifts corny Christmas love songs, or Dolly's depressing Hard Candy Christmas... love! :)

Hope everyone has a great week... I'll hopefully update some pictures of the house by the weekend!
Much Love! :)

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