Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Stories

Ok, so guess I'm not as "back" as I thought. I've been SUPER busy, and most of the time I don't feel like blogging after a long day at work. Not to mention I should work on school work some nights, but I normally don't! :)  I just can't look at a computer anymore!

I actually have more to tell through pictures than I do words... so here it goes! :)

So the first warm day in March, Will took me to the driving range. It was a Sunday afternoon and we had nothing else to do and it was just to pretty to stay in! We went to Goodwill where I got a 7 iron (whatever that means) for $1.00 and then met some friends at the driving range. I had NEVER hit a golf ball before far enough to go past a windmill in putt-putt. This was quite comical. At least I dressed the part! Will is just too much cuteness in his golf shoes and ball cap! :)

So about once a quarter Bekah comes for a visit! The occasion for a girls night usually revolves around a holiday. Bekah lives in Jersey now with her airforce hubby and cute as a button 2 year old! (Bekah is on the left!) Lynsey and I see each other frequently, we still live about 5 mintues from each other and get together to walk, workout, gossip.. whatever. It's always nice to see them and get some good food (this time Mexican) while we catch up! These are some of my longest and best friends. They get me through everything...

On March 22, William and I celebrated our one year anniversary! It really wasn't anything special. We both took the day off, we went to a movie (Admission), and then went to dinner at Fatz, where we had our first date! That night we came home and watched an episode of The Bible mini-series that we got into during the Easter season. Seriously, low-key! He did however get me some lovely goodies! Two pair of monogrammed earrings (which I don't have a pic of ) and some flowers for my office! Tulips! My favorite! We actually had a photo shoot done by my manager for our anniversary and maybe soon I will update you on those pics! They really turned out phenomenal!

So weekend before last we had a whirlwind weekend. We had something EVERY day/night! It was great! We started out that Friday night at my college watching a play, it was culture, and free.
I wore these bracelets!

And then we ate sushi. Which is apparently something I like now! I don't eat seafood, but raw fish is my style... can't explain it! Other than if it weren't for Will I would have never have tried it!

That Saturday we went to the University of South Carolina spring game! With the perks of Will's job we got to enjoy it from the club level, in a box shaded from sun and crowd! Food was included! Best way to take in a game by far, wish we had that luxury during regular season games!

After the game we decided to bite the bullet and go buy...
I could not be more excited to have a grill this spring/summer! Our first meal was filet's. Yea we went all out! But they were SOOOOOO good! I can even work it myself, so when Will isn't there and I want a grilled turkey burger, I can make that happen! 
On Sunday of that weekend we went to see one of our favorites... Chris Young! For FREE actually! Thanks to my  new job perks! He sang "our song" which is, She's Got this Thing About Her. It was so sweet to hear our song live... I might have shed a small tear! 

That was Sunday and on Monday Will surprised me with tickets to see this lady on Wednesday!
It was AMAZING!!! She is always amazing, but sharing my love's first Carrie concert experience was great!! We had great seats to the side of the stage! I actually got to see her walk backstage before the concert! Hunter Hayes is currently touring with her and honestly I wished I could have packed his little cuteness in a box and taken him home! He is precious! Anyways! It was a great date night and a wonderful surprise! We are so blessed to be able to afford to go to events and still pay the bills! My life wouldn't be the same if I wasn't able to attend live music!

I think you are now up to date! & so am I! I sometimes forget that why is blog is so I can remember and look back on fun times. I have pictures on Facebook and my phone, but sometimes it helps to make this a living scrapbook of memories in my life. These are definitely moments I don't want to forget, ever.

For now have a lovely day ladies!

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