Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I guess since I haven't blogged in a while, I'll take the opportunity to do so today and show off our Halloween costumes!

This is the 3rd Halloween that Will and I have been together for, but we've never dressed up! That in and of itself is horrific! I LOVE Halloween and have ever since I was a kid! There is just something about actually being able to dress as someone else for a day, oh and candy of course! The past couple of years we haven't dressed up because the Halloween party that my college friends throw is always the Saturday before Halloween which has conflicted with Will's birthday or a home football game, so we weren't able to go and therefore no real need for a costume. Well this year was different, Will could have cared-less about turning 32 (we did celebrate the day of) and there was an away game so off we headed to Rock Hill for the 8th annual Halloween party at my best friend's house!

Back up for a second. When we realized we could go we started to brain storm costume ideas. Will has a nickname at work, "TBird," which is play-on word to his last name. So I said why don't we be Danny and Sandy from Grease and have "TBirds" on the back of your jacket. He happily obliged. I stopped off at the fabric store on my way home from work on September 30th and bought 2 yards of hot pink felt and some wide elastic. Got home, all excited to sew it and realized my stupid machine was broken. Borrowed a machine in the next couple of days and sewed that sucker together! I had a friend put the poodle on and Voila! I had a poodle skirt! Will is more proud of the skirt than I am. He keeps telling everyone I made it. Makes me feel special! :)

Here are a few pictures from the party!

college girlfriends!
Since we were already equipped with costumes, we decided to participate in our church's trunk or treat event! We had a blast putting everything together. Next year we might make a juke box! Here are a few pictures from Wednesday night!

Will's jacket came from Party City and then he made a Vinyl sticker with the logo and put it on! Him and two of his friends have a sticker business so that made it easy! It turned out great! His "Chuck Taylors" were a Walmart find! I purchased my shoes from, I HAD to have them! I will admit Pinterest played a major role in my costume! I made the skirt from this tutorial, and the collar was made from this pattern. I bought the records at an estate sale and I purchased the jukebox door decoration from ebay. The table cloths and balloons were from the good ole Dollar Tree. We got so many compliments from the parents at trunk or treat, but of course the little kids didn't quite get it! This was a great event that brought tons of people from our community to our church and was a great outreach! We will definitely participate next year, with the same theme! I think we're going to use these costumes for several more years to come! :) Happy Halloween!

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