Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rejoice! For I have Returned! :)

Hello Ladies!!

I am BACK!! So sorry for the unexcused absense. #nevergetperfectattendance

Anyways, I hope life has been treating you all well. I've done a little catching up on a few of my favorite blogs, but still have a few to read up on! :)

My life has been CRAZY busy the last 3 weeks ish. Let me fill you in with the Clift Notes version!

First of all, 3 weeks ago my gma fell and broke her hip, she is 82. She had to have surgery and be in rehab for 2 weeks. All is well, she has recovered, but not completely bounced back! So, when she fell my mom went to Myrtle Beach to be with  her in the hospital/rehab etc. leaving me and my dad and the dog to fend for ourselves. We survived. :) But it was a lot of back and forth between my house and theirs, tending to the dog, attempting to make dinner, spending the night there some, etc. Craziness. Oh yea on top of working, babysitting, etc etc.

This past weekend, we went down to Myrtle to get my gma to her other residence in Greenville, SC. That is about a 5hr. drive if you don't have to stop every hour to let someone get up and walk around. Our drive would have been about 9hrs. from point A to B. However, we are lucky enough to have a gracious friend who offered to loan us his private plane and pilot to transport gma to Greenville. It was the scariest, coolest, most awesome adventure ever! :) We went from Myrtle, to Greenville, to Raleigh (guy who loaned us the plane had a buiness deal to do) and then back to Myrtle in about 5 hours! So crazy! Here are a few pics!

KingAire 90
Movie Star status? Yep.
My gma, me and my dad made the voyage!

I held her hand on the take off and landing...I think she thought I needed to, but I was totally doing it for her!

Back at the Beach....

Pilot, our friend Bucky, me & my dad!

It was a fun adventure and definately spoiled me... commerical airlines what? I don't think so! :) Definately a once in a lifetime opportunity.. unless you are buddy buddy with a pilot or millionaire. :)

So besides jet-setting and mainting a couple households I've been seeing someone new. We've been talking since the day my gma fell actually. So about 3 weeks. We've been on several dates and walked the dam a couple times. He's a great guy and I'm really enjoying getting to know him. I'm not to the point where I can create a pseudo name for him on the blog so at this point he shall remain annonymous. I'll let you know if and when something changes! :)

So I've made a couple Lilly purchases as of late.. a couple is STILL not enough! I'm craving it! I need to find some in a consignment store pronto before I go crazy! I REALLY want a new dress! I wish I was better at ebay and felt comfortable enough to purchase a few items from there. If any of you have tips on using ebay holla. 

This clutch, which I got as a "gift with purchase!"

Said Purchase.. new Wristlet!

I adore this coffee mug! My daily dose of crack... both coffee & Lilly! I have the matching phone cover too! :)

All that Lilly & I still do not have enough to satisfy! #intervention

Have a great Tuesday! Glad to be back!!


  1. Good to see you back! :) I'm glad that your grandma is doing better. That's so sweet that you held her hand during the takeoff. Private jet? You were definitely flying in style. I'm sure that was a fun experience! Can't wait to hear more about the new guy. He sounds like a good one! Love all of the Lilly purchases!

  2. Woo hoo we've missed you! Been praying for your grandmother...glad she's on the upswing :) I know that's a difficult journey to take. Love hearing your updates! Welcome back!