Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend seemed to be a whirlwind! It was my first weekend fancy free from anything school related, which was nice, but it was filled with some of the other things that have taken a back seat since being in school!

Of course my weekend didn't start until 5 and then Will and I went to his best friend's birthday party at Cowboy which is a Brazilian steakhouse. It is quite the dining experience! These guys walk around with cooked meat on a big skewer and ask if you'd like to try it. I tried like 6 or 7 different kinds of meat, Parmesan pork tenderloin, the house meat, bacon wrapped filet, etc. & even some grilled pineapple which was delish!  They also had THE BEST mushrooms I have ever eaten! Seriously. 
This was the whole group! The birthday boy is in the middle with the teal shirt on!

After dinner we went over to my parents to tell our Oklahoma friends that feel like family bye! They had to leave bright and early (like 5am) to catch their flight and selfishly I wasn't getting up for that! ;) I miss them already! We always have a little too much fun and spend a little too much $$ when they come! Since we didn't know there were coming until like a month before graduation I wasn't able to take off the whole week to spend with them so I missed out on going to the beach with them and my mom! Bummer of the summer right there! But I'm so glad they were able to help celebrate my graduation! :)

I spent Saturday doing two things that desperately needed attention! My car & my kitchen! I took my car to have the tires balanced and rotated (a year after I got them, oops!) and then took it to the car wash AND vacuumed it out! CRAZY Stuff! But it looks so good now! It took nearly two hours for them to service my tires so I walked 2 blocks to the library to hang out in the cool air and comfy seating! Well worth it! Caught up on some magazines.... 

...and learned Amanda Bynes has gone coo-coo!

I also got to do a little Facebook chat catch up with my friend Kendall who is doing some mission work in Nepal for TWO YEARS! After having lunch with a mutual friend of ours on Friday and hearing a little bit about Kendall's experiences from her I was concerned! She goes "into the wild" and away from civilization for weeks at a time and her last stint was 7 weeks, and she lost 40lbs. Eesh! Well she is back to civilization, aka a place with internet, and we were able to chat for a few minutes! Please keep my friend in your prayers! I know this experience was what God called her to do, but as her friend I worry! :) You can follow her blog here.

After the car wash and sweating like a pig, because it actually stopped raining for once and decided to be the hot steamy Columbia summer that I know it to be, I went home and cleaned my kitchen. I didn't just CLEAN, I cleaned out, reorganized etc. It looks so much better and now if DHEC or the FDA drops by they won't close my kitchen. Not like I make anything in there but big messes and small fires anyways! ;)

Yesterday we went to church where I was convicted not to give to Goodwill anymore because that doesn't bless anybody. So now all my items I had bagged for donation are going to have to find somewhere else to go to bless someone! I just want to give it all away with nothing in return! :) 

We went to a late lunch with some friends to Ruby Tuesday (one of our favs) and then just Will & I went to the mall! That gift card to Victoria's Secret from graduation was burning a hole in my pocket. I only spent half so far so that's pretty good! :) 

We ended the the day watching Grey's Anatomy! We've been watching it off and on all summer on Netflix trying to get Will caught up before season 10 starts! We're in the middle of season 7 right now... we better hurry!

On Tap This Week
  • Monday- CMA Fest Concert on ABC tonight! Since I went to the fest 2 years ago I don't miss "Country's Night to Rock" on tv! It's only going to get me more pumped for our trip in a couple weeks to my beloved city!! 
  • Tuesday- Dinner with a co-worker from my old job! My friendship with her is best thing that came from that! 
  • Wednesday- My second time back to choir practice and then Sunday I WILL actually sing in church! :)
  • Thursday- Bowling with co-workers after work!! I will probably look like an idiot, but it should be fun to socialize!
  • Friday- Babysitting my boys! The oldest starts first grade on Monday! Ahhh where did the time go!?!?
  • Saturday- more cleaning out, reorganizing and relaxing! & maybe persuading Will to tackle the jungle that has become my backyard! ;)
Be lovely!


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