Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh heyyy Fall..

Hi ya'll!

I know it's been nearly a week since an update. I'm so sorry I'm not good at updating, clearly my life is not exciting enough to update daily. :) I've been SUPER busy! When not working (which feels like takes up about 98.2% of my time) I'm babysitting, spending time with my family, keeping my house straight, facebooking via my iphone, on pinterest also via my iphone, or watching tv. I sometimes don't even turn on my computer! Anywhoodles.. here's an update of what's going on! :)

I nearly made myself sick/depressed watching all the 9.11.01 memorial saga on television. Thank you Dateline for a restless night of sleep Friday night. My heart breaks for those families and we will never forget, but after Friday night I had to stop watching the coverage. Too much for me to take!

Saturday after sleeping in late and trying to get over my horrible night of sleep, I got up and got ready to head over to Lancaster, SC to see a friend and sorority sister get hitched! It was a beauitful and sweet ceremony. Unfortunately, dummy me didn't whip out a camera or phone or nothing to take a picture, but her photog and her momma did so those will appear at some point! :) It was a beautiful day Saturday and I actually enjoyed the 90min ride jamming out to The Band Perry in the car there & back. Good chance to clear my mind!
I got home and finished watching the USC/GA game.. what a nail bitter. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the outcome, but if Clemson didn't get a pretty win against Wofford, then I'm glad USC's win wasn't pretty either!

Speaking of Football.. I'm going to go to Tailgate at the USC/Vandy game next weekend. I AM NOT a CAROLINA fan, I will NEVER be a Carolina fan, and it will KILL me to put on USC colors, BUT I enjoy a good time at a tailgate with a friend and will meet some people, so I'll PRETEND to like them for the day. That is it. I will have on orange somewhere, even if it's my underwear! ;)
I'm hoping to get a ticket to the Clemson/Boston College game in Oct. so if anybody has any leads on free/cheap tix holla! :)

SO! I think this week I'm most excited about this forcast! A high of 73 & partly to mostly cloudy! :) Saturday is going to be a perfect day to get stuff done around the house like, decorate for fall, plant some fall-like flowers in my front porch pot, watch football, potentially thrift store shop for some DIY crafts/sewing projects that have my interest on pinterest etc. It's been like 7 weeks since I've had a Saturday that wasn't devoted to doing something, going somewhere, or in generally not doing whatever the heck I want to do! :)

So in case you forgot or were unaware FALL is my FAVORITE season EVER! So I have changed my desktop background (from Lilly patterns, which is sad, but she'll be back in Spring) on my work computer to have some rotating fall images all day long for my viewing pleasure and I thought I'd share a few here! Love Love Love.

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