Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Friday: What I'm Loving Lately

Hi All,

I can't believe it's been a month since I've hooked up with Kori for a Fashion Friday! This past month has just whizzed by.. seriously, where did August go? I can't believe September is HERE and this month is looking just as busy for me! By next weekend I will have been out of town 6 of the past 7 weekends & traveled approx. 1,365 miles in a car. Sometimes driving sometimes riding. Whew.. just thinking about that makes me tired. Don't get me wrong the trips have been fun, memorable and a change of scenery, but dang I'm ready to be home for a weekend so I can do some fall cleaning, decorating and crafting.

I'd also like to get ahold of my closet and do some rearranging/getting out/organizing my fall & dare I say winter wardrobe. What can I say I LOVE to play in my closet, mix and match outfit combos etc. It's kinda like therapy! :)

Here are 2 new additions to my wardrobe that I can't wait to wear when mother nature decides to take her thermometer and knock it down a bit! :)

this is a Gap dress, but mine is similar from TJMaxx for only $10!

Perfect Judith March Dress for the Office!

I also got a grey pencil skirt with ruffled pockets from Loft Outlet, oh my word I've already put a mustard colored short sleeve sweater with it.. beyond cute!! When I acutally wear it, I'll post a pic!

Now as for what I'm loving and would LOVE to put in my closet would be this!
This little beauty was found on my daily Lilly email! Now, if I could just find a spare $168!

I did manage to check 2 things off of my never ending "want list." Peacock earrings & brown boots!

I have a desire here lately... probably because I'm a little on the BROKE side, to go to the thrift store and see what I can find to UpCycle! Don't you just LOVE that word? I believe the source for that urge would be Pinterest. Here are a few items I've found there that I'd like to get from thrift store.

Find a cute tie that matches several things so I can accessorize and change up and outfit!

Old t-shirts/mans XL t-shirt so I can make some gameday dresses! GO TIGERS!
Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Well... I guess that's it for me for Fashion Friday. Until next week.. have a good Holiday weekend! :)


  1. Love!!!! Thanks for linking up doll! Kori xoxo

  2. The top with the tie around the collar is really cute. I would love to see you try that!