Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Old days, also known as the 90s!"

Hey All!

I AM ALIVE!! & well. Just BUSY! Work, out of town on the weekends, babysitting and being lazy after work this week and my gma is in town! Just WAY to much going on this week to blog.. yea I said that last week too! Turns out I'm really bad at this blogging thing, or at least keeping up with it! :) I do better at following blogs vs. actually updating.

Not much has changed, other than I'm even more addicted to Pinterest than I was a week ago! Lord, I need to get off that thing, but I can't! eeesh! Other change, the hair is brown! :0) yay! I love that it's back to my "natural" color, or at least what I think is my original color. It's pretty bad when you've been coloring your hair since you were 12 and aren't sure what the original is! Glad it's back though so I don't have to keep going to the root doctor, I mean Salon to get my it fixed every 6-8 weeks.

In other news I'm VERY excited that this weekend is the Kick-off weekend to football season! :) GOOOOO TIGERS!!! (Clemson TIGERS that is! ;))

Alright, I sometimes (ok lots of times) watch the Disney Channel. Good Luck Charlie is one of my favorites, as it Wizards of Waverly Place. Yea, I know, I'm 25 and I watch the Disney Channel & you know what I don't care! :) It's decent tv and 9 times out of 10 it gives me a good laugh! I was watching it tonight, while getting the ridiculous amount of laundry done out of the continuously packed suitcase, and thought I'd share this clip! Really it's just the first Minute and 40secs of this clip, but it's about how life was before the cell phone. Lord knows I can't function without my iPhone, and the way these girls reacted reminded me of how weird it is to use a hardline phone these days.. just think, will our children even know what a hardline phone is? Oh geeze! Have a little laugh out of this & a great rest of the week!

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