Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remembrance, Reflection

I'm going to go ahead and forewarn you that this is going to be a wordy post and semi-serious. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I just have somethings on my heart and mind I'd like to share. So if you don't feel like reading something that will make you think and reflect yourself, stop now and come back towards the end of the week for a happier post! :)

First of all, on Saturday I learned that a girl I went to high school with was killed tragically in a car accident. While I didn't know her well, she was a year below me, and our paths only crossed briefly during a year in band together, it is so sad to see a young life cut so short. I have just been thinking ever since how easily it could have been one of my close friends. I can't imagine losing someone I care about that is so young. I know it will be sad when each of my grandmothers pass, but they will have lived a long life with great memories and lasting impressions on their children and grandchildren. This girl wasn't even married. She did have a boyfriend and my heart aches for him. As most of you know, I'm single, but I would hate to lose someone I had dated. I still speak semi-frequently with most of my ex's and it would be devastating to lose them as a friend/acquantance. Ever since I heard about this sad occurance my mind has been clouded with the thought that it would just be horrific to die (myself) or lose a close friend that is younger than 30. Not that 30 would be any better, but someone who is just getting started with their life. I'm in no way afraid of death, because I know I'll be going to a much better place, but I can only pray that the excitement of being in a better place would extinguish the sadness I presently feel that I would have missed out on so much in life, marriage, babies, extended family, vacations, careers, homes, etc. the list could go on. I am continually praying for her friends and family during this difficult time. It's just another occurance that reminds you how short life can truely be.

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Another occurance that reminds us of that is 9/11/2001. I can't believe it's been 10 years since that fatal day. I was a sophomore in high school, standing in front of my Spanish 2 class about to give an oral presentation I was not prepared for when another teacher came in and knelt down beside my teacher and told her the news. She then proceeded to tell us that something had happend at the WTC in NYC. When I got to my next class the teacher already had the television on, and we sat in our desks in Lexington, SC and watched the world change right before our eyes and we didn't even realize it. I remember watching the 2nd plane hit, the first building fall, people jumping, the second building fall, the crash into the pentagon, and the crash into the field in PA. I remember thinking wow this is really bad and sad, but it won't affect me b/c I live in SC, nothing like that happens here. How nieve of me to think it wouldn't affect me in some way. Ten years later I realize it's impacted every part of life today. Air travel is different, politics are different, relgion and culture were brought to the forefront, the economy is nearly belly up, thousands upon thousands of soliders have given their lives to protect our country. There are children who don't know what life was like before 9/11 or even what 9/11 was, it's now in the history books in classrooms for future generations to study. My children will ask me one day what it was, just like I ask my parents about Vietnam and other historical events that I wasn't alive for. On 9/11/2011, I will reflect and remember that day 10 years ago and all the people who died for our country as not only innocent victims but heros.

As my blog friends, take care. Live life like there is no tomorrow. :)

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

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