Monday, October 28, 2013

Time Marches On....

Every morning I listen to The Bobby Bones Show which is a nationally syndicated radio show based out of Nashville, TN. Until about a month ago I was listening to it on XM Radio, but the local Nashville station I listened to was pulled from XM. I am NOT ok with that, so now I listen on iHeartRadio. When will & I went to Nashville we met the DJs. Pretty cool!

Anyways, the show about once a week has a segment entitled "Time Marches On..." and for these 30-something DJs they normally talk about ailments or observations that make them realize they are getting older.. hence "Time Marches On..." (which is also the title of an old country song). I thought I would do my own version...

First of all Will turning 31 makes us feel really old. Because, I mean, 30 was ancient when I was 13.
Look at this cutness... he looks great for 31! Not old at all! :)

Then yesterday we we talking and I said OMG in 8 months I'll be 28. How in the world did THAT happen?? I'll be 28 & attending my 10year high school reunion. I feel like I've accomplished a lot in that 10 years: my bachelors degree, bought my first dog, car and house, had several jobs, and got my masters degree. I'd say that was accomplishing plenty of items on my to-do list goals! Still I thought I would be married with 1.2 kids by the time I was 28 22. Ha.

While I am SO happy for all my friends who have found the love of their life in their early 20s, settled down and had their 1.5 kids or more, I want that so badly for myself. However, if there is anything I've learned in my 20s it's that you can plan out everything and then God says... yea... no, that's not how it's going to be. :) So... time marches on... it will eventually be my turn.
so true. ....sweet
Another realization that I'm older in my late 20s is during my 4 day weekend I cleaned my house. Yes, I was entertaining and so of course parts of the house had to be straightened up and made overly presentable to have people over, but I deep cleaned several areas of my house that had been neglected & I couldn't be happier to be sitting at work and know that I am going home to a SUPER clean house!
 LOL so true

Finally, time is marching on because I went to the gym Thurs & Friday and today (Monday) is the first day I feel "normal" after working out those 2 days. Geezus. This getting back in shape is hard!
Can I skip the workout and just go straight to the looking hot in a bikini part?

Love Fat Amy

One of the classes I took I felt like I needed to lose weight before I could go back! My toes were so far away from my fingers!!

Time Marches On.....
Stay Lovely...

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