Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I'm into Wednesday

I used to participate in Semi-Wordless Wednesday, but since I have re-entered blog world that link up has died out. I don't know of a Wednesday link up going on... I would love to make this a link up once I get a few more followers!

I was just thinking of a few things that I'm into this week and thought why not "What I'm into Wednesday!" It's the middle of the week and a good point to share what's going on and what I'm into.

What I'm into this Wednesday is:

Katy Perry's new Album. Every song is pretty great & it's definitely a more mature sound than past albums. She definitely still has some hate in her heart towards Russell Brand (can't blame her!) and she and John Mayer have a lot of magic happening in the bedroom. Those were my 2 conclusions from the album... but still great, it's been on repeat since yesterday!
3 must listens (besides ROAR) are: Birthday, International Smile, and It Takes Two

The Pinterest recipe I made last night! Definitely not going to fit into the new diet/lifestyle come November 1st. It's a keeper though! It's great if you want the lasagna taste without the lasagna effort. Feeds like 5-6people! But since it's just two of us that meant lunch leftovers! Win-Win!

Also I'm into it being a 3 day work week (today is my Friday) and a 4 day weekend having a #staycation/ #adultfallbreak/ #Willsbdayweekend

& I'm into hastags because who isn't after this hilarious skit on Jimmy Fallon (in case you've been under a rock & you haven't seen it)

Stay lovely...

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