Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tis the Season

Today is Halloween, the start of the "holiday season," and the eve of my new lifestyle. Tomorrow is November first. The day I said I would start The Whole30 challenge.

But first let me be festive and post my #throwbackthursday Halloween edition.

 College Years

Post College

Well I'm not dressing up this year. I did manage to be festive for work today with my orange dress, black sweater and boots. No picture. Sorry. #bloggerfail
Ok, so on to this Whole30 deal. I have to say I have been more aware this week of what has been going into my mouth! I would say that I've been weaning myself off of certain foods this week in preparation for starting tomorrow. I've had eggs for breakfast with fruit and salads for lunch. Dinner has been another story.
Tues & Wed were a bit stressful at work and for the first time I actually consciously realized that I am an emotional eater. Tuesday night I was upset (sad more than mad) and so I had cheese toast and some candy (it's Halloween week, it's just out in the open for me to grab.) Wednesday I was stressed at work and not sure the outcome of a situation so I didn't have an appetite at lunch so I didn't eat my salad I had fixed. I ate nothing but some melba toast and jello. So by 5pm I was STARVING! So I convinced Will to go to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries. Yep. It was a delish cheese burger with mushrooms, greasy fries and ketchup. Let's just say I realized it was the last of that kinda food for at least 30days if not more. 
This morning I fixed 2 poached eggs and brought a banana. But I could only eat one egg. I have tried for the past 3 days to choke down black coffee. It's a killer. I'm pretty sure diesel fuel would taste better. I guess I'm going to be doing about 3 shots of it to get my caffeine fix during this challenge, but I will have to kiss the days away that I enjoyed my morning cup of joe with creme brulee creamer. Dang it!

I picked up the It Starts With Food book Monday (from 2nd & Charles for $8.09)! I have skimmed it, looked a few recipes and gotten my thoughts together about food/meal planning for next week. Pinterest has also been a BIG help in figuring out some meal ideas. I am off to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up a few items to get me through the weekend, well until Sunday. Then I will go again and stock up on items for next week.

I am seriously beginning to regret starting this in November. I originally thought it would be a great plan because November has exactly 30 days and this would give me a HUGE head start to my annual new years resolution of losing weight. BUT I mean Thanksgiving is this month and it's my favorite holiday. However, it's at the VERY end of the month and hopefully by then I will have seen some results and I won't want that pumpkin pie, or mac & cheese, or _______ (fill in the blank with any southern staple!) I have lots of opportunities to "cheat" this month, several social functions to attend that I am going to consciously have to plan around and plan ahead of what I'm going to be able to eat. 
As if that wasn't enough, the first 2 days of this challenge I'm going to be at my grandmothers. When I called last night to inform her I would be there for breakfast Saturday morning and all I would want/need would be fruit and eggs she replied, & I quote, (cue cute grandma voice) "I was going to make this apple cobbler-like dish for this weekend! It's real good! It's made with cookie dough." To which I replied, "Yea! I bet! Since when has cookie dough not ever been good!" We laughed. Then she said, "Well, you'll look a lot better once you get some weight off." Thanks gma, thanks. Since I have a mirror-less house and loose pants I wasn't aware, but now I got it! :) 

Oh Lord. Wish me luck. This is going to be a looooong 30 days. Hope you are hanging in for the ride. There is sure to be more sarcastic humor, a few food porn images, and hopefully a whole lot of physical change, once I get rid of the rest of that Halloween candy tonight! :)  Stay lovely...


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