Friday, November 1, 2013


Well Well Well. It's Friday and the kinda morning I've had it feels like it's a Monday after a long weekend or Friday the 13th. Either is fitting. All was well this morning until I was half way to work and my "check engine soon" light made an appearance. I'm headed out of town after work today so clearly this was not an ideal situation. I got to work and called the car dealership. They happily got me worked in, I took my car, they brought me back to work, and then I sat and worried about the outcome. The phone rang 2 hours later and the problem can simply be fixed with $325. Fantastic. I would tell you what was wrong with it but the technical car terms the service manager used were to elaborate for my understanding. I did have my dad call up there (b/c that's what us southern girls do, we call our dads!) and it was a legit problem. All is fixed... but my bank account.

Moving on...
I had an all out tv binge last night complete with frozen pizza. Hey, it was my "last supper" after all. I watched Wednesday night's episode of Nashville, followed by Grey's Anatomy and finally rounding out the evening was Parenthood. My 3 favorite shows in one night, courtesy of Hulu, ABC and NBC. I think I have a problem.

I have started my Whole30 Challenge. I had all intentions of eating 2 eggs, a banana and a hand full of cashews for breakfast but with the craziness that happened as I would have been eating my breakfast I didn't get down the 2 eggs. The banana and nuts had to suffice. I have made a delicious lunch of Italian chicken, broccoli and a sweet potato. & mom has some new dish up her
sleeve for dinner to night before we make a mad dash to Greenville. So far... on track.

Since it is Friday it's time to #backthatazzup with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants.
As you may (or may not) know I am obsessed with Nashville the TV show and I have to say Wednesday night's episode was one of the best!! Season 2 is kicking! Love it! Anyways, there have been SOO many good songs this season so many I want to share, but there isn't a digital copy yet. If you are a Spotify listener you can find any of the songs on there just search Nashville Cast.
This week in the show they took a song from Season 1 performed by Hayden Panettiere called "Hypnotizing," slowed it down and made it acoustic. AMAZING! I'm putting in the original track to #backthatazzup to... but it is well worth the watch on the episode and hopefully they re-release the revised version as a single! In fact I think I'm going to re-watch the show on my ipad during my lunch! It's that good! If you don't watch you are missing out! Enjoy your Friday! Stay lovely...

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