Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday

I'm officially on day 6 of the Whole30! Can't believe it's almost been a week! I'm so glad I started on the 1st of the month so I can keep up with what day I'm on! I'm also glad I started the weekend the time changed. I think that has really helped me to feel refreshed and ready to get up in the mornings!  

So far I can tell a change in:
  • The way I sleep and the way I feel when I wake up.
  • My skin... acne is clearing considerably. 
  • Energy level is elevated. I don't have an afternoon slump.
  • Less bloated
The pants I wore yesterday seemed to fit better than when I wore them last week. Not sure if that's really the case or if it's just in my head. Same with the pants today, so maybe it is true. I have cheated and stepped on the scale. I have a fascination with scales I think! I tried to stop myself but I wanted to know if any progress had been made in the past 5 days and according to my scale I'm 2lbs down since last Friday morning. So 2lbs in 5 days... if that keeps up I should lose 12lbs in the month?? Wishful hopeful thinking! :)

I am exercising here and there. Monday I walked a mile and 1/2. & I plan on walking/going to the gym tonight and Thursday.

The book (and website) suggest that you write your cravings as a way of kind of working through them. I've only had a few...
  • Cheese (& this morning I wanted a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit so bad!)
  • Icecream
  • Pizza
Clearly all of mine are dairy based and a little bit of grains. Oh and sugar! Ha. But I haven't caved once! SO proud of myself because there is definitely a piece of Halloween candy left in the bowl on my coffee table! Go me!

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I got hungry in between meals and I had forgotten my jar of cashews to snack on. So from about 3:30-5 yesterday I was kinda miserable and kept thinking about food during a meeting! I had chicken soup (with carrots and mushrooms), left over sweet potato, and a pear for lunch. Funny how all that didn't hold me but my egg mcnuthin and banana held me until lunch! 
Tuesday's Lunch
So when I got home after work and voting I was close to becoming a monster. *Sorry for the things I said and how I acted when I was hungry* and fixed 4 eggs and 3 pieces of ham, a handful of cashews and a 3oz glass of OJ. I realize that OJ is NOT Whole30, but I counted it as a fruit. I realize it had sugar in it, but it is Simply Orange brand (the very best) and I had already had 2 pieces of fruit yesterday and really wanted OJ to go with my bfast for dinner! :) Plus I figure a little more vitamin c won't hurt! So sorry I'm not sorry I had OJ on my Whole30!
Tuesday's Dinner

Wednesday- Day 6:
Breakfast: Egg McNuthin, pear, unsweet tea
Lunch: more chicken soup, green beans, apple 
Snack: Banana and handful of cashews
Workout: walking 2 miles
Dinner: to be determined.... I have the veggies, but I need to go and find meat!

I know I have only been blogging about the Whole30 lately, but lately that's all that's been going on. Nothing exciting or new about work, love life or social life. This weekend we will be going to Rock Hill, SC to spend time with my college friends at my alma mater's Homecoming! Very excited to sport my Winthrop colors, tailgates, & cheer on the Eagles (in basketball)! All while eating Whole30 style. Is that possible at a tailgate?? We'll find out.... :) Stay lovely...

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  1. I'm proud of you and taking on this lifestyle change! Keep up the good work. You are inspiring me to be more conscious of what I'm eating.