Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Round-up

Happy Monday Lovelies...
It is definitely a Monday! However, it's a 2 day work week for me so I'm trying NOT to have the Monday blues. After all this week has SO much in store! Not only is it a 2 day work week (for the first time for me since 2008), my grandmas are already in town, the rest of the family is coming Thursday for yummy food, then shopping, putting up Christmas decorations and a rivalry football game! Seriously, what more could you ask for in a week? The first week of December is going to be a let down after all those shenanigans!

This weekend was what I would call productive! Friday after I got off work I met the parentals at the mall because mom called me at 4:30 and said that Belk was having a huge sale on boots. This was an acutual phone conversation with my dad when I called to say I was on my way...
Me: On my way to meet y'all at Belk to find boots
Dad: Well they have a ton and they are on sale so you better get your booty over here!

Unfortunately, boot shopping proved to be unsuccessful. Between Friday night and today at lunch I have probably tried on 35-45 pairs of boots and NONE fit! I have been everywhere in the Columbia area. I have tried on wide calf boots, stretchy boots etc. nothing! So frustrating to have big calves. I was at one shoe store and the MALE clerk said he felt sorry for the women with small calves because the boots gap and are too bit and don't look right. I shot him a look and said "well, sir, you are a man you don't really get to have an opinion on that." I realize that was a bit harsh but at this point I had been to so many stores and tried on about 15 pair.. I really didn't need his commentary on the situation, just please direct me to the wide calf boot area.
This is what happens to me:

I think I'm going to write a song called "Fat Calf Girls" instead of "Fat Bottom Girls..." Maybe when I lose some weight the weight will come from the calves too... #wishfulthinking

I digress... moving on to the more positive portion of the weekend. I was productive around the house Saturday morning while Will worked. I cleaned the kitchen, straighten several cabinets in there, cleaned out a cabinet in the guest bath, reorganized my sweater storage, got a hook for my purses in the kitchen and made the pinterest project with shower curtain rings on a hanger to store my scarves. Loving it! Just a few more things to re-organize before I can pull out the Christmas decor!!

Sunday we went to church and then afterward had a Sunday Funday at the Columbia Art Musuem. We went to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit. She is extraordinary American photographer that has taken pictures of iconic images and pictures of our culture. The exhibit was about her pilgrimage into photography as a profession. This picture of Niagra Falls was the start of it all...

We also walked around the other galleries which displayed various pieces of art dating all the way back to the 1300s. Incredible that they still exist much less in great condition. One of my favorite works was this chandelier... it took 10 years to make and it was made from 1880-1890. I mean seriously, it's made of glass and it's been around since the late 1800s crazy! It's absolutely stunning in person!

Our museum also has an original Chihuly hanging in the foyer. It is STUNNING! I love how it looks like it's on fire!  

After the museum we took a brisk walk down a block to the Mast General store and got some sugar free candy, well Will did. I got my favorite grapefruit gummies. So delish. I had a few, but not the whole bag so I'm not counting that as a cheat! :)

Speaking of Whole30, I did pretty decent over the weekend but not as good as I had been doing. Still eating lots of fruit and protein, but I had some cheese this weekend. It was delicious. I guess I fell off the wagon a bit... but I'm right back on today. I will weigh tomorrow morning, I forgot to this morning and when I remembered I was already dressed. I plan to stick to it for the most part this week except on Thursday... I mean Thanksgiving is only once a year.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday week! I'm certainly looking forward to the festivities, but not the COLD! Stay warm and stay safe in this crazy winter weather that is sweeping the country!

Stay lovely...

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