Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whole30 and Weekend Update

I realize that it's Thursday and I'm just getting in an update! I've been busy this week and haven't had time to blog! I've been too busy cooking... more on that in a bit.

The weekend in Rock Hill was so much fun! We got there about 8 Friday night and ate dinner with my friend, she fixed a healthy dinner of terriyaki baked chicken & stir fry veggies. I appreciate her being so accommodating! :)
Saturday- Day 9: 
Breakfast: scrabbled eggs & ham
Lunch: tailgate! below is our table of goodies! My friends made low-country boil, which I didn't eat, but we had plenty to eat with munchie food! The university also gave Chic-fil-a to alumni.. I gave mine to Will because I'm the best girlfriend ever! :)
Dinner: Went to White Horse and I cheated a bit and had the apple sticks that I bragged so much about! It was only b/c I haven't eaten them in 5 years and probably won't for quite sometime. I'm ok with my decision to cheat a bit. I had a hamburger steak and sweet potato for my actual dinner. Yum!

Here is a pic of Katie (to my left) and Jessica (to my right)... this is one of the last pictures w/o babies! Crazy! This time next year there will be 2 in this picture! So amazing!!
I went and visited my sorority tent.. and talked to some other alums that were there and some current sisters. None of my close sisters were there this weekend, but can't pass up a pic with the letters! :)
Will & I after the game! We won! Which is always good!
Sunday- Day 10: 
Breakfast: eggs and ham
Lunch: we went to Katie's in-laws and had lunch after church. I didn't want to be rude so I had to eat. We had country fried steak (I scraped all the flour off), carrots and green beans. I'm sure it had butter in it and other things I shouldn't have but I didn't eat much, just enough to be full.
Dinner: On the way back to town we grabbed Subway. I had their new double chopped chicken salad. VERY GOOD! & They have a new balsamic vinaigrette dressing! Delish!

Monday- Day 11:
Breakfast: again eggs (poached) and ham plus a banana
Lunch: Will had the day off in observance of Veteran's day and actually ended up on my side of town where I work near lunch time so he took me to Hu Hot. I ate there about a week ago, but I can get meat and veggies and go light on the sauce so that was perfect!!
Dinner: We grilled out! Filet's, sauteed mushrooms and peppers and a sweet potato! It's meals like this that I can't believe I'm "dieting." Honestly, I'm not, I'm just eating healthy!
Tuesday- Day 12:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs & ham
Lunch: I had brought left over chicken soup from last week, but I couldn't eat it. So I kinda snacked through lunch. I had some cashews, grapes, apple and the left over peppers and mushrooms from the night before. Not the best lunch but I couldn't stomach the soup!
Dinner: I attempted to roast chicken and broccoli, and cook a butternut squash. Yes, it look appetizing, but my chicken was dry, the broccoli was salty and the squash tasted disgusting. I'd never had butternut before and I won't be having it again. Ick!
Wednesday- Day 13:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, ham, banana
Lunch: left over dry roasted chicken and sweet potato, apple
Snack: raw peppers
Dinner: "Spaghetti" I made the sauce from scratch, it was decent! I added ground turkey and mushrooms then we ate it over spaghetti squash. It was edible and I have it for lunch again today. It made a TON! This is probably what we will eat Sunday after church.

Let me take the opportunity on Day 14 to share my thoughts and feelings about Whole30. 

Here are the ways I can tell it's working:
  • I go to sleep easy, I sleep like a baby, and I wake up refreshed and ready to go!
  • My acne has cleared up significantly. Face, back etc. I can tell a HUGE difference in my skin. Now, I know it has to do with the diet, but not specifically the foods I'm eating. I've only been drinking water and unsweet tea so that always helps skin and I haven't eaten greasy fast-food processed food in 14 days. Also a major factor in the cause of acne. 
  • Energy. I don't have an afternoon slump. And this weekend when I needed to stay up late it was hard, but I was able to w/o falling asleep on the couch! :)
Here are ways I can tell it's not working the way I want it to:
  • At last check (which I know you are suppose to check at all) on Monday I weighed 4lbs less than on day 1. I'm weighing every 5 days, so let's hope another 2lbs is gone on Saturday morning. Although I haven't had time to walk/exercise this week. Too busy flipping cooking! Ugh! 
  • My pants are freaking tighter than last week. I have on a pair of pants I had on last Wednesday or Thursday and the buttoned, to day they are uncomfortably buttoned. #ridiculous Although the guide/timeline says this is expected until sometime next week. #hurryupandpass
  • Cheese. This diet needs cheese. I'm dying w/o it. Last night that spaghetti would have been excellent with a little sprinkled Parmesan, instead it was just so-so. Cheese WILL BE the first thing I add back in! 
It's exciting to know I'm nearly half way through! Unfortunately the later half of the month is where most of the poor food choices could come into play, ie. office Thanksgiving lunch, Thanksgiving with family and then the BIG rivalry football game on the last day of the month! I intend on keeping this up after the 30 days have passed. But just not as strict. I'm definitely going to continue to stay away from fast-food/processed food and keep drinking only water. I haven't even had unsweetened tea since Monday! So I think I'm over the caffeine withdrawal.

I have another tailgate to attend this weekend, but it's just me and Will and we are taking a portable grill so more hamburger steak it is! :) If it weren't for beef, eggs, sweet potatoes and fruit I'd be starving 90% of the time! :) Have a great rest of the week... I'll probably have a song to #backthatazzup to tomorrow!
Stay lovely...

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  1. Great blog. You are getting me motivated! How about sharing your spaghetti recipe?