Friday, November 22, 2013

Gleeful it's the Weekend

Friday! Made it. It's been a week for sure! So much so I have NO food porn to share. Oops! I swear I have been sticking with Whole30 diet though! To prove it I'll continue to list what I ate, again, accountability!

Tuesday Day 19:
Dinner: Had the mango chille chicken at Chili's. It was pretty good, I subbed out the rice for sweet potato fries. I didn't eat them all either.

Wednesday Day 20:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled & ham, grapefruit
Lunch: Left over chicken from Tuesday night, turkey burger patty, fruit
Dinner: Tomato Soup & Asparagus (I realize that this isn't exactly Whole30, but I didn't eat the whole can and I was craving it) there are worse things I could have eaten.

Thursday Day 21:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled & ham, grapefruit
Lunch: We had our Thanksgiving lunch at work. I was pretty strong. I had collards, green beans, a deviled egg, ham and  turkey. I had a little bit of a bite of pumpkin cake. This is like the first bit of pure sugar I've had. I paid for it all afternoon, my stomach was like WTF mate?
Dinner: Was still full from lunch so I had an apple before babysitting, then I got the munchies while babysitting, but she had some cashews so I had that.

Friday Day 22:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled & ham, grapefruit
Lunch: left over collards, turkey patty, apple & mandarines
Dinner: I'm making a surprise chicken dish for Will to eat, it's not Whole30, so I will just bake me a piece of chicken. Broccoli and some fruit for the sides.

I won't be weighing again until Monday morning. I'm going to have a low-key weekend of chores around the house and getting it ready for company next week and putting out Christmas decorations. Plus I don't want to spend my days off next week cleaning/organizing. I'm actually getting really excited to decorate for the holidays!
Last year since I was in graduate school my decorations basically just got slung up and I didn't go all out. I wanted to, but didn't have the time, energy or will to care. This year is different! Except I need to find a money tree so I can afford to buy some more decorations for my tree. In my head I have a picture of what I want my tree to look like, but don't know how to achieve it cheaply!
I have started shopping... in fact, I'm DONE with my 3 cousins gifts and I think I'm done with Will's gifts, unless I find something he just can't live without. I am going to attempt to tackle black Friday shopping on Thursday at Walmart at 6pm. I really hate to shop on that day, but they have several things that are on my list to get for gifts at great prices so I really can't not go!
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend if for nothing else to know that next week is a short week & my favorite holiday!! What can I say... I LOVE to eat! :)

It's Friday so that means we need to get on to #backthatazzup! I have been watching Glee on netflix from the beginning. It was one of those shows I always wanted to watch, but it came on at the same time as another show I watched and I couldn't take on another show. (Obviously this was before I had a DVR, netflix or HuLu) Anyways, I love it! The story lines are cheesy (mmm cheese) but the music is great! So I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs from the show. I have actually been a fan of this song since RENT, but the duet from Rachel and Mercedes renewed my love for it! :)

Stay lovely...

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