Friday, November 8, 2013

Go Eagles Go!

It's nearly the weekend & we have an exciting one on deck, but first let's get this Whole30 update out of the way!

Whole30 is still going great! I had so much energy last night I stayed up until 11:45 cooking, cleaning and packing! The only time I sat on the sofa was to fold clothes! Yay! For being productive!
Day 6-Wednesday:
Breakfast: Egg Mc-Nuthin, Fruit, Unsweet Tea
Lunch: Chicken soup (again), g-beans, apple
Snack: Banana & Cashews
Dinner: Tillapia, Rutabaga, Acorn Squash and Cabbage
Day 7- Thursday:
Breakfast: Egg McNuthin, 3 Scrambled Eggs, 3oz OJ
Lunch: Wendy's Apple Pecan Salad (picked off blue cheese), Unsweet Tea
Snack: Banana & Cashews
Dinner: Steak, Sauteed Mushrooms and Peppers, leftover Rutabaga
I mean look at all that delishiousness!! Am I really on a diet??

We are off to Rock Hill, SC for my Alma Mater's Homecoming! We don't have football but basketball & since I graduated they have moved homecoming festivities from February to November. Not really sure why other than now students/alumni can tailgate for this game and for obvious reasons November has better weather!

Obviously my friends are not on a diet so I have already had to plan out & cook some of my meals for the weekend!
Breakfast: Egg Mc-Nuthin's & banana (I really hope I don't get tired of them!)
Tailgate: Fruit- grapes, apples, mandarin oranges, pineapple
           Veggies- green, orange, yellow, red peppers, carrots, broccoli, guacamole to dip it in
After game dinner: We are going to one of my favorite local restaurants that I ate at EVERY weekend in college (probably why I'm now on a diet!) It's called White Horse and they literally have everything on their menu. I can get a steak and a sweet potato and salad so I'm good! They have a famous appetizer that I love called Apple Sticks and they are like fried apple sauce dipped in whip cream. Unreal. So good. To cheat or not cheat?? It's apple....
Sunday I will have the same breakfast as usual, but not sure of the plan after church. At least most places have salad as an option so I think I'll be ok!

Last night I got crafty and made this cute pin to wear to tailgate! I LOVE it! Sometimes I forget how creative I love to be and don't have time for it. This little project only took me about 45 minutes to make, but then I made a second one for my BFF and that one only took me 20min. It's a perfect addition to my outfit for tomorrow's game!

It is #backthatazzup Friday over at I Wore Yoga Pants so I will post a song that has been my jam this fall and Miranda and Keith performed it LIVE for the first time on the CMAs the other night! I LOVE this song!! The lyrics and story don't really apply to me, but I love the beat!

Wishing everyone a safe and lovely weekend...

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