Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6 pounds down & a zipped skirt

We had a busy but yet, relaxing weekend.
Friday night I babysat my boys. Being in their house with lots of yummy snacky foods and tons of Halloween candy was tough! I resisted and ate my spaghetti squash.. bleh.

Saturday morning after a slow wake up, we went to Waffle House (at Will's request.) I wanted a waffle SO bad but again, I resisted! I ate 3 eggs and 3 slices of bacon. It was yummy, but waffle house is always yummy. They really do have the best eggs and even if I've had eggs in some way shape or form for the last 19 days, these were the best. Maybe because I didn't have to cook them! :)
After breakfast we made a mad dash through the dollar store to get items to pack our shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. Somehow I let it slip up on me this year and so it was a bit last minute, but it got done! We chose to do a little girl age 2-4. I found some of the cutest things to put in my box for a pre-schooler. The bad blogger that I am, didn't take any pictures of my box. :( However, we included: a coloring book with crayons, 3 toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, a full size towel, a bath book, play food/dish set, and of course a doll. Precious! I know these boxes reach millions of children around and bless their Christmas. I love that something so simple means so much.

 When we got home from running errands, I got busy prepping our food for tailgate! So busy in fact that I forgot to eat lunch so I had an apple. When we got to tailgate I unpacked our healthy snacks.. cashews & grapes to munch on. Then we grilled our burgers and warmed up our veggies and potatoes. It was a delicious meal! Tailgating with class I tell 'ya!
USC won the game, it was close as FL clearly had USCs number and the refs made some horrible calls. I speak so highly of the Gamecocks this week... forget that come Nov. 30!

Sunday we went to church, I skipped bfast. Ran out of time getting ready! Oops! After church we went to Lizard's Thicket. It's a local country cookin' type of restaurant. Sounds awful, but is decent. I had pot roast, collards and green beans and I may or may not have had a piece of cornbread. #cheat
Sunday afternoon we enjoyed binge watching our favorite shows, Nashville, Grey's and Parenthood. It was nasty and rainy outside and it felt amazing to ignore house work etc. and just spend time together being lazy. I also had a headache and felt crummy so that made it even more excusable!
Sunday night I became a fruitarian and had an apple and grapes for dinner while I watched Glee.

Monday: I weighed. Again, I know I'm not suppose to. BUT it's so encouraging and reminds me why I'm doing this in the first place. DOWN SIX LBs since day 1!!! So exciting!!
Breakfast: Eggs and OJ
Lunch: This delicious salad from Subway. 
Dinner: Hamburger steak, mushrooms, sweet potato.

Tuesday- Day 19:
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs + 2 pieces of ham
Lunch: turkey burger (patty only) + sweet potato
Dinner: I have a dinner meeting at Chilli's so hopefully I will be able to find something. Stay tuned.

Still craving cheese like a mad woman. Seriously, would probably kill for it at this point. 
Look how happy this little mouse is eating his yummy cheese. In 11 days I will be this mouse!
I'm also still craving bagel bites, or really any pizza for that matter. Probably b/c it contains cheese.
Also last night I had a craving for chocolate (for the first time) I blame this on female issues... I may have caved with a fun size dark chocolate. Oops. I couldn't help it, the hormones won out!

This morning was the highlight however. I put on, zipped and I am comfortably wearing a skirt that would not zip just 26 days ago! I wanted to wear said skirt when I went to see the local production of Grease with my parents and Will October 25th and it wouldn't fit. I have it on today, it looks great and I'm comfortable! Woo hoo! *Insert happy dance here* Although it probably looks like this...
Oh Kim... your hiney is so big... bless. I feel ya.

Stay lovely...


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