Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thin-spiration Thursday

The Country Music Association Awards were last night and there were some stunning country stars on the red carpet! Thought I would share a few of my favorites!

Let's start with some serious Thin-spiration!! Miranda! Good grief! What a difference a year makes! I've always thought of her as a "bigger woman," she's not petite by any means, & I loved her for that and embracing her body! I guess she got tired of the pregnancy rumors and decided to drop a few pounds and a few jaws! She looks AMAZING!! Her dress was stunning and perfect for her!

                                                   2012                                                2013

Let's move on to my personal favorite thin-spiration: Miss Carrie.
Her red carpet look was stunning, the hair the dress everything! Wow! & a great performance was made... by her legs...

A few more of my favorites from last night:

Until tomorrow's Whole30 update... stay lovely...

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  1. Miranda does look fabulous!!! You need to check out my blog post today....I've got a little challenge going on (think Carrie Underwoods legs) and I would love it if you participated :)