Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic Relief

I know it's been a few days since a good posting. So readers beware this may be a long & lengthy & a bit ramdom of a post! Buckle your seatbelts Ladies! :)

Firefighter D & I have been extinguished.. ha like my pun. ;) Ok, really not trying to make light of it, but whatever it takes right? We are still friends, this was a mutual decision mainly because logistically making our relationship work between his two jobs, my job (that isn't the same hours as his), and our 45min commute to each others houses was just too much for right now. Also, we each have some things we need to work on if we want to make our relationship work. Like I've said from the beginning, I had no idea where this was going to go and I still don't. Only time will tell... 

Can you just allow me to vent about my television shows.. briefly? Or maybe not so brief....
> Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice- I got caught up on my medical dramas over the weekend while I laid in the bed with a migraine wishing MD McDreamy was at my bedside. So how about the "What If" episode was CRAZY to look back and really think "what if." It was that weird episode of the season where it really had nothing to do with the current storylines. Anyways, I laughed out loud at the new resident (who was preggo) who's name was Morgan but Karev kept calling her Megan.. story of my life. The crossover episode with Private P was excellent. I'm really pulling for Cooper's kid's mom to be ok, but at the same time I love that the little boy is bringing Charlotte & Cooper closer and softening Charlotte's cold heart! haha
> Parenthood-How about this is my most favorite show EVER!! I've been hooked since Season 1 and we are now at the END of Season 3. I own seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and I'm not one to buy TV on DVD but I feel like one day I will make my kid sit down and watch an episode to learn a lesson. So many good moral, teachable moments in this show. Seriously, every episode makes me laugh and then 2 minutes later I'm bawling my eyes out and then 5 minutes later I'm laughing again! Next week is the season finale and I'm going to need a BOX of tissues! I can't wait to see Jasmine & Crosby tie the knot (FINALLY!) and see what happens with Zoe, the baby and Julia. That storyline is breaking my heart. Also, after last nights episode I think something is really wrong with Amber. How do I get so wrapped up in these character's!?!
>Teen Mom 2- So after I had already stayed up too late last night watching Parenthood I watched the Teen Mom 2 finale with Dr. Drew (pt.1). Can I just say I LOVE Dr. Drew. He's exactly what these girls need, and I like him SOOO much better than Dr. Phil. He's just so much more down to earth and less flashy I think. Anyways, poor Janelle & Kailyn. Glad to see Janelle working it out with Barbra & Kailyn really just needs to have better taste in men. Seriously. Can't wait to see what Dr. Drew says to Chealsea and to Leah. Leah's storyline really makes me sad and upset and angry!  Ok I digress...

This is major y'all! Last night I was looking in my magnifying mirror, which is scary enough in itself, when I discovered.. dun dun dun.. A GRAY HAIR!!! OMG!! I've never had one in my LIFE! I'd made it a quarter of a century without one and now there is one!! It's just the start of the downhill slide to 30. EEEK! I guess the main reason I didn't know I had them was because I've been coloring my hair since oh I don't know approximately the 6th grade, so really only God knows my hair color! :) Guess it's time I go get another box and do a touch up! Can't afford my stylist currently to do a touch up plus I like my hair back to my "natural" color of light brown. However, the GRAY has GOT TO GO! EEESh!

Thanks for hanging in there on my crazy post! Hope the eCards gave you a good laugh or atleast made you smile! Happy Wednesday! A few days closer to the weekend & I'll be off to see my sorority sisters! :D


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