Friday, February 24, 2012

Confessional Friday {Link UP}

Hello Ladies & Hellllllooooo Friday! :) This morning has been a complete whirlwind! I got up and got ready, finished packing a few last mintue things for my trip to see some of my AWESOME Sorority Sisters/Friends this weekend, loaded the car and went to work with the plan to leave at noon. Well, mother nature had other plans. It was seriously the stormyest I've seen it in a long time. Even if I could have left I would have gotten drenched, because dummy me left my raincoat AND umbrella in the car! So... I decided not to take a 1/2 day, but just leave an hour early and see if I can't get on the road after the torrential rains have slacked. Keep your fingers crossed!! I will get to Rock Hill tonight.. might take me 3 hours (normally takes about 90min) but.. I will get there! :)

Anyways.. it's time for Confessional Friday Link Up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition! So here we go!

First let's start with a few *new* American Idol contestants that I will "confess" my love for thus far!
Sadly, my co-worker's family friend did not make it past Vegas, so I can no longer cheer her on, but I have several more that I hope make it really far!!

Skylar-- there are 2 country girls this year.. she's the better one!

Phillip-- reminds me of Corey Smith/Will Hoge

Jessica-- She could just sing the phone book and give you "goosies" (goosebumps) as J-Lo says!

Jeremy-- I wasn't a fan until he sang Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't," I was an instant fan after that.

Heejun-- How can you just not love the awkward kid!?!

Elise-- not the best vocally, but she has my middle name and she's from Charleston, SC.

Colton-- gotta love the "bad boy" but he's relaly not that bad.. just edgy.

Ok, now that I've confessed a few of my favorite new idols.. let's move on to more serious confessions.... like....

  • Even though Firefighter D and I broke up/on a break, we've talked multiple times a day since Sunday. Can't help it.
  • I'm excited to spend time with some friends and sorority sisters this weekend, but it would also be a good weekend to stay around the house, get some "spring" cleaning done and watch my DVR.
  • The Oscars are Sunday & I'm excited to see some beautiful evening gowns and see if The Help gets the recognition it deserves!
  • My hair looks like one hot stinkin mess today. Glad the weather could accomodate it! :)
  • I actually packed enough clothes this weekend to last me a week. Complete with 5 pairs of shoes. Ridic. I packed 4 possible outfits for the main event tomorrow... have NO clue which one I'll end up with on.
  • There is a *new* Lilly Pulitzer store opening at South Park Mall in Charlotte this weekend. I will be 30mintures from it and more than likely not going... poo. Lack of time & money... double poo.
 Have a lovely weekend ladies.
 I'll be back Monday with a Weekend Update and some pictures with my sisters! :D