Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OH How Pintersting! No, I'm not dead...

Hello Ladies! :)

Yes, I have been MIA, but NO I'm not dead! :) I just had a busy weekend and then I've had little to no blog inspiration this week! Ooopsie! I had orginally inteded to continue the Valentines Link-up, but the topics weren't striking me this week and I've just been to exhausted at night to even turn on my laptop.

Seriously, Monday night and Tuesday night I went to be at 8 and 9 (respectfully). I haven't been sick, but I just haven't been feeling great. So yea, no gym either, but it's not like I've divulged in TV either. Thankgoodness for the DVR and it's ability to record my shows since I have turned into an old lady and go to bed early I need my beauty sleep. :)

This weekend I helped throw a very successful bridal shower for my friend Lynsey. But it wore me SLAP out! :) I promise to do a blog post of the shower/decor mainly so I can link to Pinterest. :) It all turned out SO cute, I can't wait to share! Look for a post sometime before or during the weekend! I just have to get the pictures off my camera, which means finding a cord, and turning on the lap top and waiting for blogger not to be stupid to post pics etc. You know.

This upcoming weekend is my daddy's 60th Birthday. I can't believe it! :) Mom and I are planning some special stuff for him and a few surprises that we've been working on. My gma is coming into town to celebrate also and she and I are going to bond over making her famous hot pepper relish. I'll probably post about that sometime next week.

I have a half day of work on Friday and I have the day off Monday to spend with Firefighter D and celebrate Valentines day! Kinda excited since I haven't had a Valentine in 2 years! Single ladies I totally feel you. I don't hardly consider myself far removed for your emotional state during this dreaded holiday. I WILL NOT rub the valentine-ness in your face. Promise! Besides, it's a commerical holiday created by Hallmark. If someone loves you they should let you know throughout the year, on any day, for no reason inparticular. We aren't being mushy about it.. we are going to the SC State Musuem (b/c I have 2 free passes) and then dinner. Seriously, no big deal. It'll just be nice to spend most of a day together and be off work.

I guess I could be somewhat blog participatory and post a few Pintersting things that have caught my eye this week...

A Food Item
Totally having this next Sunday lunch I cook!

A Fashion Item or Two!
& How can you not love? Seriously!

Morganite is the stone. Therefore I must have. Clearly it was named after me!
Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Crafty Item
Coffee Filter flowers DIY! Too cute for spring in a colored vase! Must make!

FUTURE Wedding Item
Monogram on Wedding Bouquet. Duh.

Nifty Item
Hello resourseful Lilly!

HOT Item
It's almost Valentines day, I couldn't resist posting a hotty! :)

Ok, also I have noticed this trend... not sure I like it, but SEVERAL ladies in the office have been sporting it!

Boots w/ Capris?? Yay or Nay??
To me it just looks like you have on high waters....

Oh & PS. I had 50 follwers and today I get on and I've got 49! Who changes their mind about being a follower. Ouchy. Don't do that to people, just don't read their blog but don't unfollow them. :/ Hopefully the rest of you will stick around!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Ladies!


  1. I'm not really feeling the whole capris and boots thing either. It looks silly and I have seen it around here lately too. To each his own, I guess! I hope you have a fab time with that cutie patootie Monday! I can't wait to hear all about it. Free is always good!

    Sorry someone unfollowed you. That's lame. I'm desperately trying to catch up with you on followers. I have 42 so you are def beating me. A little healthy competition, what do you say? :)

  2. Oh my gee I love that outfit! And Luke Bryan is such a cutie :) You'll get back to 50 in a second I bet.