Monday, February 20, 2012

.:{Peacock Palooza}:.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and a friend of mine (who is also a bridesmaid) and I through a shower for one of my good friends who is getting married in May. My friend wanted to have a "tea party" but we still needed a color scheme. So when we were brainstorming we were trying to decide on colors to use for napkins, flowers, etc. and we knew the shower was going to be in February so we were tempted to use red and pink and white and go with the Valentines theme but that was SOOO cliche! Then mom randomly asked me what color our dresses were for the wedding and I said, a dark teal, which (David's Bridal) called Peacock! At the same time a light bulb went off and we were like OMG yes! Peacock feathers, teal, lime and purple accents etc. etc. So, below is a collection of pictures from the shower and a few of the ideas we came up with, mostly thanks to Pinterst! :)

Pinning on her flower + peacock feather!
white tulips & callalillies
Candy Bar
We had guests address envelopes for the bride to send thank you notes! Just a helpful touch!
Photo of the couple on the entrance table! How perfect is this frame??
Drink Table
THE best punch ever!! Seriously. Super easy to make! Bacardi Pina colada drink mix, pinapple orange drink mix, diet sprite, sonic ice an frozen rasberries!
Citrus tea-- Sweet tea & lemonade concentrate mixed!
Towel cake!
The spread of food!
Outside lantern, we had 2 others inside.
Most of the bridesmaids!
It was so easy to put together once we started gathering up peacock stuff! It's so easy to find right now, mainly because of Pinterest. Such an easy theme that the bride LOVED! & we loved throwing! Can't wait for the vows on May 5th!


  1. What a great idea! I love the candy bar :) You ladies did a fabulous job!

  2. LOOKS SO FUN! Glad everything turned out and a good time was had! Good job, party planner!